Best Budget Cordless Drill Under £50 UK

Have you been pondering over the purchase decision of a budget cordless drill within £50 UK? If you have an affirmative response, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to enlist five of the best options which can handle a variety of jobs be it in your home or garden. But first we are going to take a look at the things to consider before buying a cordless drill.

Things to keep in mind before buying a cordless drill

  • Primarily, you need to consider the drill’s durability level. Mostly the cordless drills are manufactured using plastic and metal which accounts for their light weight.
  • Next comes the degree of versatility which you can expect from a cordless drill. It always pays to invest in a model which can guarantee you a plethora of additional functionalities. This becomes very important while working on various materials. For starters, you can seek out features like 2 speed gearbox, adjustable torque settings and keyless chuck. These features help in striking the right balance whether you are working on inferior grade steel or sturdy wood.
  • The third factor to consider is the amount of power guaranteed by the device for drilling through a variety of materials in a smooth fashion. Usually, a torque of 18V comes off as sufficient for undertaking light work like drilling 25mm in wood and 10mm in steel.
  • The main reason behind purchasing a cordless drill is that it brings in massive space savings. Thus, it becomes completely useless to bring home a bulky cordless drill. Herein lies another determining factor while purchasing a cordless drill.

1. MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver

Best Budget cordless drill under £50 UK - 1

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Undertake a variety of DIY tasks around your home and garden with the MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver which has been designed to maximise user comfort. A durable construction makes it well suited for heavy-duty usage without adding to the price range. A shock-absorbent design shields the user’s hands from experiencing vibrations while the rubber coating on its hardened plastic body reduces shock while improving the user’s grip.


The powerful and versatile cordless drill comes with 2 speed gearbox which allows working with metal, wood and other materials. You can expect 1500 RPM of drilling power out of the MYLEK MY18BMC1. Its 19 torque settings allow users to chose the right speed for working on metal, wood, plastic and masonry.


The Li-ion battery pack provides a high-power output level and enables a substantial number of charging cycles. Quick-charge action on the spring-loaded battery pack allows you to quickly remove the battery.


The compact cordless drill comes with a LED work light that maintains visibility even in dark environments. This is helpful in preventing the occurrence of accidents. The cordless drill is accompanied with a carry case which helps in neatly organising 6 screwdriver bits, 6 twist drills and bit holders.


  • Dual speed settings are very useful for undertaking DIY jobs.
  • LED work light allows working in hard to see areas.
  • Twin sleeve 10mm key less chuck assists in efficient changing of screwdriver and drill accessories.
  • Quick stop brake function helps with conservation of battery power for reducing chances of injury.
  • Soft grip handle brings down fatigue and maximises handling comfort.
  • RoHS compliant and CE certified cordless drill can guarantee safety of operation.

  • Sturdy construction makes it resistant to heavy-duty usage.

  • Ergonomic and lightweight design allows carrying it around easily.

  • Offers 19 torque settings for greater versatility.

  • Can be charged within an hour for adding to your degree of efficiency.

  • Offers very limited number of accessories compared to peer models.

2. Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver

Best Budget cordless drill under £50 UK - 2

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The 18/20V cordless drill driver from Terratek has evolved into a top choice of home owners across UK. You can undertake a variety of screw driving and drilling tasks around your home and garden for building garden sheds, fencing, working on doors etc.


Exercise greater control over this cordless screwdriver by taking your pick amongst the 16 different torque settings for working with different materials like metal, plastic, wood etc. The drill driver operates with max drilling capacity of 8mm on steel and 20mm on wood.


The cordless drill is powered to the core by a 18V battery which moves up to 20V before stabilising at 18V. This powerful battery does not cause self-discharge and charges fully within 3-5 hours.


You can expect the perfect blend of power and control out of this cordless drill which can be used over extended time periods courtesy its weight of 1 kg. A pressure trigger on this cordless drill is extremely helpful in preventing slippage.


  • Variable speed pressure trigger allows taking the cordless drill to a no-load speed of 650rpm.
  • Forward and reverse levers allow switching easily from drilling to withdrawing of screws.
  • Soft ergonomic grip guarantees a comfortable work experience.
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery doesn’t have any memory effect and is always ready to use.
  • Multi-purpose drill can be used on plastic, wood and metal.
  • Offers 16 different torque settings for the user to take their pick from.

  • Weighs just 1 kg which helps with its easy portability.

  • Accompanied with a 13-piece accessory kit comprising of 2x Pozi-drive screwdriver attachments, 6x drill bits, 1x magnet holder, 2x slotted screwdriver attachments and 2x Phillips screwdriver attachments.

  • Can cater to the requirements of both novice and experienced craftsmen.

  • Comes backed by a 2-year guarantee against all manufacturing defects.

  • Doesn’t pack in adequate power for drilling through metal or masonry.

3. WAKYME 12.6V Cordless Drill Driver

Best Budget cordless drill under £50 UK - 3

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Undertake a variety of home projects with this multi-purpose cordless drill driver which is both FCC CE and RoHS UL certified for guaranteeing you complete safety at work.


18 adjustable clutch settings and variable pressure trigger can offer you accurate control with the drilling chores. A large keyless chuck with automatic spindle lock guarantees advance accessory compatibility and one-hand changing. You can both screw and replace or remove bits with its forward/reverse switch.


Dual 1500mAh lithium-ion battery can be charged within 2 hours following which it offers an endurable run time.


An LED light can keep up with your functionality in dark environments by keeping the spot adequately illuminated. The level of handling comfort gets maximised by its soft grip which brings down the level of fatigue while undertaking the toughest of tasks.


  • The forward/reserve control of this cordless drill allows controlling the direction of drilling.
  • You can lock the tool for safety by setting the switch in centre position.
  • Two slot design of the cordless drill help in placing two double-end bits and this helps in undertaking urgent work.
  • Variable pressure trigger guarantees stepless control over the drill speed to match your application.
  • A 3/8” keyless auto chuck can keep you worry free about loosening of screws during work.
  • Comes with a handy carrying case which helps in keeping all the accessories neatly organised.

  • Built-in LED light allows working in dark areas.

  • Can be used in 3-in-1 mode as a hammer, driver and drill.

  • Compact shape helps with its easy portability and usage.

  • Accompanied with dual 1500mAH lithium-ion batteries for offering endurable run time.

  • Bulky UK adaptor looks a bit awkward.

4. Terratek 89Pc Cordless Drill Driver

Best Budget cordless drill under £50 UK - 4

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Undertake a variety of screw driving and drilling tasks with the cordless drill driver by Terratek which comes with 89 pieces of accessories. Home maintenance like working on doors, building garden sheds and building fencing becomes easy with this drill driver which can guarantee you optimum value for money.


A variable speed pressure trigger helps in attaining a no-load speed of 650rpm with this cordless drill which can be used for both drilling and withdrawing of screws. 16 torque settings allow optimum control over this cordless screwdriver which can be used over plastic, wood, metal and other materials.


This EC compliant cordless drill by Terratek comes with a 18V/20V lithium-ion battery which does not have any memory effect. It doesn’t cause any self-discharge and this makes it perfect for being used readily.


Expect the perfect blend of control and power out of this cordless drill which is backed by a warranty of 2 years offered by the manufacturer. It is shipped along with 22 x 25mm screwdriver bits, 12 x 50mm screwdriver bits, 10 x steel drill bits, 10 x wood drills bits, 9 x Sockets 5mm – 13mm, 10 x HSS drill bits, 3 x wood spade drill bits, 1 x adaptor for sockets, 1 x magnetic bit holder, 1 x countersink, 2 x adaptor for steel wire brushes, 3 x steel wire brushes and 5 x grinding pins.


  • Comes backed by a warranty of 24 months.
  • Accompanied with an 89-piece accessory kit for greater versatility.
  • Soft and ergonomic design adds to the level of user comfort.
  • Forward and reverse levers allow to toggle easily from drilling to withdrawing of screws.
  • Variable speed pressure trigger helps in taking the cordless drill to a no-load speed of 650rpm.
  • LED work light allows working in dim-lit areas.

  • Weighs just 1 kg which helps in using it over prolonged spans of time.

  • Can drill 8mm steel and 20mm wood.

  • Offers 16 torque settings for working on a variety of materials.

  • Powered to the core by a 18/20V battery.

  • Not well suited for undertaking professional jobs.

5. MYLEK MYW09 18V Cordless Drill

Best Budget cordless drill under £50 UK - 5

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Your search for a great value for money cordless drill ends with the MYLEK MYW09 model whose small and compact size helps with easy manoeuvring around the tricky spots. This cordless drill can be held easily over extended time periods making it well suited for mounting things on ceiling beams or screwing on light fittings.


You can bank on the MYLEK MYW09 for drilling smoothly into metal, wood, plastic, drywall etc. A torque setting of 15Nm and powerful speed of 650RPM allows working quickly especially when you opt amongst the 18 + 1 torque selection settings.


It becomes possible to carry out with your drilling chores without running out of power courtesy the 1500MAH lithium-ion battery. This low maintenance battery does not suffer from memory effect and is pretty low maintenance. They can also hold charge over a prolonged time span while not in use.


An incredibly easy to use metric of the MYLEK MYW09 can cater to a wider user base. It is accompanied with a 13-piece accessory kit for adding to your efficiency meter.


  • Easy-to-use dynamics can cater to the requirements of both professional and novice users.
  • Ergonomic rubberised grip enhances the level of user comfort.
  • You can easily understand when to charge this cordless drill by gauging the battery capacity indicator light.
  • Twin sleeve 10 mm keyless chuck helps with fast changing of screw driving bits and drill bits.
  • Forward function helps with driving home screws while the reverse mode takes them out.
  • Lightweight and balanced design makes it well suited for undertaking time consuming jobs.

  • An LED working light helps while working in regions with limited light like inside a cupboard.

  • Safety quick stop brings massive savings in terms of battery power while reducing chances of accidents which arise from a spinning chuck.

  • Accompanied with a variety of accessories like 6 twist drills, bit holders and 6 screwdriver bits.

  • Comes backed with a 12 months warranty offered by the manufacturer against all defects which might arise during the same.

  • Often buyers have complained about the poor drilling capability of this cordless drill.


The cordless drill uses battery for powering up its operation. The ones with lithium-ion batteries have a steeper price tag than cordless drills using the traditional Ni-Cad batteries.  Most of the products we have listed above come with at least one- or two-year’s warranty to keep you buffered against manufacturing defects. Just take your pick from our expert approved cordless drills and bring in greater efficiency to your drilling sessions.

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