Best Budget Welding Helmet UK

The process of welding is notorious for emitting infrared and ultraviolet rays making it imperative to have a heavy-duty helmet in hand. This important accessory can keep your eyes, face and neck protected while enhancing your welding capabilities with tonnes of other features. Massive advancements are going in the welding industry which is leading to the addition of upgraded features to the welding helmets. Whether you are a professional or a newbie welder, we have listed five of the best budget welding helmets which can render an excellent experience and how to take care of the same.

How To Take Care Of Your Welding Helmet?

  • The welding helmet needs to be cleaned once in a while for eliminating dust, dirt and other particles which tend to clog parts and cause scratches. You should ideally clean your helmet after each use and follow up with deep cleaning after several uses for prolonging the welding helmet’s life.
  • It also becomes imperative to inspect your welding helmet for any signs of wear and tear for offering adequate protection to the same. You need to look out for dents and scratches before the problem worsens. These affected areas might either require a replacement or repair. In case of faulty lens, it becomes necessary to forfeit the helmet before it ends up damaging your eyes.
  • Procrastination over helmet repairs can cost you dearly. Repairing well in advance can protect you from life-threatening injuries and prevent further problems. While some problems can be easily fixed at home, other require the assistance of a professional. You should attempt repairing the helmet if you are not adequately skilled. Doing otherwise can simply end up damaging your helmet or even rendering it useless in extreme cases.
  • Often you need to carry out replacement of the welding helmet or its parts for assuring high level of performance. For example, changing cover lenses help in maintaining a clear vision so that you can weld better with less errors.
  • Proper storage can help in enhancing the lifespan of your welding helmet. Ideally you should store it on a high and clean surface with next to none traffic for avoiding accidents which might cause damage. A well fitting and properly cushioned bag can also help in carrying the welding helmet around with ease.

1. TACKLIFE Welding Helmet PAH04D

Best Budget Welding Helmet UK - 1

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The TACKLIFE PAH04D can guarantee welders maximum eye protection and optimum clarity for adding to the efficiency of your welding tasks. This helmet has already gained a massive fan following by its blue light infiltration, optical error-free vision and multi-layered lenses.


The layered optical lens joins hands with a 98x43mm observation screen for bringing greater convenience to your welding routines. This welder’s screen gets darkened instantly within 1/25000 seconds.


You can now weld to perfection without having to worry about your eyes courtesy its 4 independent shadow filter sensors. Both welding and grinding operations can be undertaken easily with the delay settings and switchable sensitivity.


High-impact resistant polyamide construction makes this welding helmet lighter than ordinary PP while adding to its abrasion and heat resistant attributes. You can also expect higher flame-retardant performance out of this helmet which can guarantee a comfortable experience with an inclusion of adjustable headband. A curved frame edge helps in deflecting both splashes and particles so that the hood doesn’t get contaminated.


  • 4 advanced infrared detectors help in quickly sensing the welding work.
  • Offers a more elastic field of view when compared to similar products.
  • Heightened knob of this welding helmet can be operated easily with gloves on.
  • Delivers both infrared and ultraviolet protection to your eyes.
  • Light transmittance is three times than ordinary lenses making the working process a smooth one.
  • Comes with a bag for carrying the helmet around.

  • Also accompanied with protection lenses and a user manual.

  • Weighs just 1 kg making it a pretty lightweight option.

  • The shadow remains consistent irrespective of the angle while welding.

  • Less impurities in the lens paves the path for brighter and clearer field of vision.

  • Lacks a hard hat mount.

2. DEKO Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Hood

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Enjoy hands-free welding with the DEKO solar powered welding helmet which comes with an auto-darkening filter. It can keep your eyes protected from both IR and UV radiation even during an electrical failure according to the shade.


Enjoy a clean and comfortable view with the DEKO helmet which presents a clear visor viewing area of 3.62” x 1.65”. The clarity of vision gets retained at a variety of angles by its variation of luminous transmittance, diffusion of light and angular dependence.


You can expect protection from the harmful IR and UV rays out of this helmet whether it is powered or not. A consistent and permanent protection is maintained by this helmet even in the occasion of electrical failure. The welding helmet can easily adapt to a variety of task durations and environments courtesy its delay settings and sensitivity. DIN4 light level of the filter can switch from dark to bright state in 0.1-1.0 seconds.


The lightweight helmet comes with an auto darkening filter which can help with welding in different working environments by exercising control over the shade of the lens. Such attributes make it well suited for being used in fields like food and beverage manufacturing, construction, automotive, military maintenance, metal production, mining, repair and operation, transportation, oil and gas etc.


  • Accompanied with an adjustable headband and user manual.
  • Welders can exercise efficiency in a variety of work environments by simply controlling the lenses shade.
  • Weighs just 1 pound making it suitable for being worn over prolonged time periods.
  • Solar panel imparts a 5000 hours longevity to this battery-powered welding helmet.
  • Delay and sensitivity settings help in adapting to a variety of task durations and in different environments.
  • Conforms to ANSIZ87.1-2010 and EN3794/9-13 standards of safety.

  • Offers a viewing area of 7 square inches.

  • Can be used for maintenance, operations, repair and overhaul.

  • Multiple combinations and adjustments allow getting a tailored fit out of this helmet.

  • Auto-darkening filter switches from light to dark within 1/25000 seconds.

  • Knob is extra sensitive which makes its operation a bit difficult.

3. Silverline 934295 Welding Helmet Auto Darkening DIN 3/11EW

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Keep your eyes protected as you undertake Arc, TIG and MIG welding with the solar powered Silverline 934295 welding helmet. This versatile helmet can keep you completely buffered from all the hazards which accompany the task of working with metals.


You can enjoy a clear vision with this Silverline 934295 welding helmet which weighs around a pound. This helps in using this welding helmet over a prolonged time span without having to experience any fatigue.


You can expect for IR and UV protection from this versatile welding helmet which comes with DIN 16 and DIN 11 filters. Its dual light sensors switch from light to dark in just 1/5000 seconds.


The Silverline 934295 welding helmet features a 4-way adjustable headband which can keep you comfortable throughout the welding episode.


  • Auto tint darkens when the arc is formed so that you can easily make out the weld line.
  • Can be adjusted to head size for greater versatility.
  • Well built mask is EN379 and 175 certified.
  • Offers protection from both UV and IR rays.
  • Lightweight enough so that you can wear it over a prolonged time period without experiencing any strain.
  • Well suited for TIG, MIG and Arc welding.

  • Solar powered nature aids in its simple yet reliable operation.

  • Padded headband can be adjusted from 4-ways for a comfortable fit.

  • Dual light sensors can switch between light and dark within 1/5000 second.

  • Ensures a snug fit and doesn’t slip off.

  • The initial arch might cause eye strain.

4. KKmoon Welding Helmet Solar Auto Darkening

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The process of welding is notorious for emitting high-intensity glare which can damage our face and eyes if left unprotected. If you are a welder on the lookout for an affordable yet functional welding helmet, then the KKmoon solar powered number can serve as your best choice.


The best thing about this KKmoon solar powered welding helmet is that it guarantees clear vision while offering variable shade (DIN) ranging from Din9 to Din13. This can be adjusted by simply turning the shade knob.


Through the entire welding process, both the eyes and face of the welder stays protected from both UV and IR radiation. This holds true even during the light state.


The KKmoon solar powered welding helmet is accompanied with a special turnover hand-band which helps the welders in experiencing comfort during welding. A washable ratcheting headgear helps in positioning the helmet either near or away from your face.


  • Battery has a longevity of more than 2 years under general welding conditions.
  • Variable shade from DIN9 to DIN13 can be easily adjusted by turning the shade knob.
  • The KKmoon Welding Helmet is in conformity with the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standards and EN safety standards.
  • Comfortable sweat band in its fully adjustable headgear adds to the level of comfort.
  • The helmet can be positioned either away or near your face.
  • Comes with dual built-in 3V lithium batteries.

  • Offers complete protection to the welder’s eyes and face from IR and UV radiation.

  • UV/IR protection up to Shade 16 (DIN) imparts optimum comfort to users while welding.

  • Accompanied with a special turnover headband which brings in greater comfort to your work routines.

  • Filter screen changes automatically from light to dark in just 1/25000 seconds.

  • Not suitable for oxyacetylene welding and laser welding.

5. OHMOTOR Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet

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Bring in greater safety to your welding sessions with the auto darkening welding helmet by OHMOTOR which comes with CE safety certifications. It passes through 3 standards of safety which adds to its level of versatility while catering to the requirements of both novice and experienced users.


A viewing size of 93x32mm brings in greater efficiency to the work done. The filter dimensions are 110mmx90mmx9mm while the variable optical response time is 1/10000 seconds.


The Auto darkening filter of this OHMOTOR welding helmet can easily adapt to a variety of working environments. Users just need to control the shade of lens and its sensitivity depending upon the ambient light sources. Double filter offers protection against infrared and ultraviolet rays which are emitted while welding strong light.


The OHMOTOR welding helmet is recommended for being used in construction, automotive, food and beverage, military maintenance, metal production and fabrication, mining, repair and operation, transportation, oil and gas etc industries.


  • Users are entitled to a complete refund if they receive damaged or wrong products.
  • Lithium batteries impart greater longevity to these batteries while imbibing the advantages of harnessing solar power.
  • The Auto Darkening Filter helps in adapting to a variety of working environments.
  • Offers a viewing area of 66” X 1.69”.
  • Lightweight design helps in moving it around easily.
  • Fully automatic lens which assist in switching from welding to grinding without having to flip the hood.

  • Uses solar panels which can keep you worry-free about running out of power.

  • Crafted using PVC material which adds to its lightweight attributes.

  • Heat-resistant helmet can be used easily in a variety of scenarios.

  • Can be used for MIG/MAG, ARC, TIG and MMA welding.

  • Accompanying instruction manual is not of much help.


The job of welding is anything but easy. Constant exposure to welding fumes can significantly impact your helmet’s service life. You need to put in lots of efforts and also take care of the protection aspects at the same time. Purchasing a good welding helmet can surely serve as a great investment. If you have a strict budget to adhere to, then you can easily choose amongst the five contenders of our list. You can even enhance the longevity of your welding helmet by following the maintenance tips listed out above.

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