Best Cordless Drill Under £100 UK

Earlier people used to drill holes manually but the advent of power drill has completely changed this scenario by allowing users to drill holes and drive screws at a fraction of the time and with fraction of the effort. Today we are going to discuss about 5 of such cordless drill machines which can be availed for less than £100 UK. However, don’t let the budget price tag fool you as these devices are packed with superior features for adding to your efficiency meter. So, without further ado, lets take a look at the models and the inherent advantages of owning a cordless drill.

Advantages of owning a cordless drill machine

  • These devices are more convenient as you don’t need to transfer them from one socket to another.
  • Working around your house might seem very time-consuming and a cordless drill can get the job done faster for you.
  • The cordless drills are accompanied with rechargeable battery to keep you going even in places without any power socket.
  • You can also bring down your expenses by recharging the batteries at the end of the day. Apart from saving your money, this also seems beneficial for the environment in the long run.

1. Distianert Cordless Drill Driver 21V

Best cordless drill under £100 UK - 1

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Be it your garden, workshop or the house, the Distianert Cordless Drill Driver can deliver complete functionality in terms of drilling holes in plastic, wood, metal, loosening all nuts, hooks, bolt heads and driving screws in or out.


You can implement precise control while drilling metal, wood, plastic and other materials with 18+3 torque settings of this 21V cordless drill. It offers maximum torque of 35Nm which is well suited for household construction, home improvement and other DIY projects.


Dual 1500mAh lithium-ion batteries can guarantee adequate power to complete different jobs easily. The additional battery brings in more convenience when one runs out of power.


Dual variable speed helps this Distianert cordless drill in delivering greater precision in terms of work done. While the low speed ranging from 0-500 RPM is perfect for screwing, the high speed of 0-1500RPM can have your back during drilling.


  • Built in LED enhances your visibility in dark environment and enclosed workplaces.
  • Can cater to the requirements of both experienced users and DIYers.
  • Shipped with all the necessary accessories like 9 x Socket Wrench, 3x 5cm Screwdriver Bit, 3x Impact Drill Bit etc.
  • Guarantees a soft and comfortably balanced grip.
  • Powered to the core by a premium quality pure copper motor.
  • 3/8” metal keyless chuck is compatible with differently sized screwdriver bits or drill.

  • Dual variable speed switch opens up greater options ahead of the users.

  • Offers the option of drilling, impact drilling and screw driving.

  • Different slots for placing two double-end bits help to undertake urgent work conveniently.

  • Drill can be operated in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions as per your requirement.

  • Cannot drill hard walls over prolonged time spans.

2. TACKLIFE PCD04B 35N.m Cordless Drill Driver

Best cordless drill under £100 UK - 2

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Tacklife has already created a solid fan-following with its affordable range of power tools which can suffice the requirements of both DIYers and professionals. You can expect similar functionality out of its PCD04B model which is shipped along with a variety of accessories.


Users can adjust torque easily from its 16+3 torque settings. There is also an option of altering the work mode easily amongst three available options by turning the gear to the appropriate icon. Speed can be adjusted for different working tasks coupled with its variable speed settings.


A single 2.0-amp lithium-ion battery can be charged up within just an hour following which it can power the cordless drill for about 45 minutes. You can easily understand how much juice is left from the battery-life indicator located at the base of the unit. A red-light hint that it is time for a recharge.


This 3-in-1 hammer drill allows to work on metal, plastic, wood and different other materials. You can easily complete DIY projects in dark environment with its high-power LED spotlights.


  • Delivers ample amount of torque for catering to various work requirements.
  • Machine is accompanied with a charger which can recharge your device battery quickly for guaranteeing uninterrupted work.
  • Offers three modes in a single device for greater versatility.
  • Allows working on plastic, wood, metal and different other materials.
  • Has a drilling capacity of 8mm on steel and cement and 30 mm on wood.
  • You can easily gauge the battery status from the indicator lights.

  • Built-in LED light allows working in dark environments.

  • Heavy-duty construction can easily sustain wear and tear of everyday usage.

  • Shipped with numerous accessories to help you with the work done.

  • Can be manoeuvred easily with minimum strain inflicted on your hands.

  • Battery running time might feel disappointing.

3. Ginour 18V Combi Drill Cordless Drill Driver

Best cordless drill under £100 UK - 3

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Carry out home DIY in a hassle-free manner with the cordless drill from Ginour which is shipped with all the necessary accessories for getting your job done. You can shift to the low power mode for using this drill as a screwdriver. Once you are done with the work, the cordless drill and the accessories can be stored neatly in the accompanying carry case.


20 different torque settings open up greater avenues ahead of the end users as they get to utilise the Ginour model as a hammer drill, electric screwdriver and drill. While being used as a drill, users can benefit out of its practical auto-lock feature on the 13 mm collet. You can choose amongst dual variable speeds of 0-400rpm and 0-1400rpm for undertaking different kinds of drilling, hammering and screwing applications.


Dual lithium-ion batteries with 2000 mAh of power can be fully charged in an hours’ time. You can easily gauge when its time for the next charge through its 3 light indicators.


The Ginour18V cordless drill is shipped along with 9x manual operation sockets, 17x drill bits, 1x flexible drilling shaft, 37x driver bits, 1 x connecting rod, 1 x belt buckle, 1x charger, 2x 18V 2000mAh lithium-ion batteries and 1 x storage box. You can turn on the LED light from the touch switch of this screwdriver drill for carrying on with the work even in dark surroundings.


  • Dual lithium-ion batteries can be charged fully in just an hour.
  • 3 light indicators help in gauging the battery condition well in advance.
  • A sturdy belt clip helps in carrying it around easily.
  • You can drill larger holes with the 13 mm collets.
  • Offers dual variable speeds for hammering, screwing and drilling operations.
  • Comes backed by a warranty of 24 months.

  • Accompanied with a variety of accessories to get you started with the work almost immediately.

  • Direction adjustment button can be moved in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction as per your requirements.

  • LED light makes it convenient to work in dark surroundings.

  • Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable work experience while bringing down strain on your hand.

  • Cannot pierce a concrete wall.

4. Terratek 13Pc Cordless Drill Driver

Best cordless drill under £100 UK - 4

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Home owners across UK are filled with praises for the 13Pc Terratek cordless drill driver which can have your back against all DIY jobs across your home and garden. The drill is accompanied with a 24 month guarantee to buffer you from all defects which might arise during the same.


A variable speed pressure trigger can take the cordless drill to a no-load speed of 650rpm. You can toggle quickly between drilling and withdrawing of screws with its forward and reverse levers. 16 different torque settings offer higher degree of control over this lithium-ion cordless screwdriver. You can thus easily find the perfect settings irrespective of the material you are working on.


This versatile cordless drill is powered to the core by powerful 18V/20V Lithium-Ion batteries which do not induce any memory effect or cause any self-discharge. You can readily use these low maintenance batteries which peak at 20V from fresh charge and stabilise at 18V.


Users can expect top-notch power and optimum control with this cordless drill whose ergonomic design delivers a soft grip. A weight of just 1 kg makes this device perfect for being used over prolonged time spans. You can now exercise full efficiency even in the darkest of areas with its built-in LED light.


  • Ergonomic design and soft grip of the cordless drill allows using it over extended periods of time.
  • Comes backed by 2 years guarantee offered by the manufacturer.
  • Accompanied with a variety of accessories including 6x drill bits, 1x magnet holder, 2x Pozi-drive screwdriver attachments, 2x slotted screwdriver attachments and 2x Phillips screwdriver attachments.
  • Can cater to the requirements of both DIY and experienced users alike.
  • LED light allows working even in dark or dimly-lit setups.
  • Powered to the core by a lithium-ion battery which keeps the cordless drill running for long.

  • Reverse and forward levers enable quick changing between withdrawing and drilling of screws.

  • 16 different torque settings offer greater control over the cordless drill.

  • Perfect for working on plastic, wood, metal and different materials.

  • Has max drilling capacity of 20mm on wood and 8mm on steel.

  • Certain buyers have complained about insufficient battery life.

5. MYLEK 18V Cordless Drill Driver

Best cordless drill under £100 UK - 5

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The highly reliable MY18BMC1 cordless driver has been specially constructed by keeping extreme performance in mind. This easy-to-use drill is accompanied with everything that is needed to undertake the basic drill works around your home or garden.


1500 RPM of driving and drilling speed is guaranteed by the MYLEK MY18BMC1 which offers 19 torque settings to supply maximum 30Nm torque. You can undertake a variety of DIY projects on metal, wood, plastic and masonry efficiently with its 2-speed gearbox. In spite of carrying an affordable price tag, the torque slip control rings help in preventing excessive drilling or overtightening into workpieces.


While the MYLEK MY18BMC1 uses a 1300mAh lithium-ion battery for running the entire operation, it excels from its peers coupled with an hour’s fast charge time while others take at least 3 to 5 hours for charging completely.


The MYLEK MY18BMC1 cordless drill comes in a standard price range but delivers incomparable quality in terms of construction. A shock absorbent design brings down vibrations from being transmitted to the user’s hands. Its rubber coating and hardened plastic body also helps in improving the user’s grip while reducing shock upon fall.


  • Dual speed settings help in undertaking DIY jobs easily.
  • Safety quick stop brake function reduces all chances of injury while conserving battery power.
  • An accompanying drill case helps in carrying the bit holders, 6 screwdriver bits, 6 twist drills, charger and battery easily.
  • Shock-absorbent design brings down vibrations sent to the user’s hand.
  • LED work light helps in working at dark places be it at your home, around the garden or in the caravan.
  • Sturdy construction makes it well suited for being subjected to heavy-duty usage.

  • Offers 19 torque settings for greater versatility.

  • Ergonomic and lightweight design helps in using it over prolonged spans of time without experiencing any fatigue.

  • Charges up in just an hour for greater productivity.

  • Comes backed with 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty.

  • Offers just a limited number of accessories.


The cordless drills occupy a top tier in the world of power tools since it brings an array of advantages compared to the corded varieties. You can bid adieu to carrying an external portable generator as the cordless varieties can guarantee you complete mobility and flexibility of action. So, just take your pick and get ready to undertake house repairs like a pro.

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