Best Fishing Seat Box for Under £200 UK

Fishing has evolved into one of the most adventurous outdoor activities of modern times. If you also wish to have a fun time fishing, then you need to pair your good fishing skills with high quality fishing gear and some excellent techniques. Today we are going to discuss about the best ways of keeping your accessories organized during the upcoming fishing escapades. While the market is filled with fishing seat boxes offered by different manufacturers, it becomes difficult to choose the one which shall yield best results. To make things easier, we have come with a list of the five best fishing seat box which can suffice all your requirements within the budget of £200.

How To Choose The Best Fishing Seat Box

When it comes to choosing a tackle storage box, you are bound to feel spoilt for choice with the ample options. But you need to exercise caution before taking your pick as all fishing gear manufacturers have a tendency of glorifying their products. Thus, it becomes necessary to search for the following features while purchasing a fishing seat box for benefitting the most out of the same.

  • Storage Area & Size

While buying a fishing seat box, you need to primarily consider its size. For this, it becomes necessary to look at your fishing gear which helps in determining whether you require a large or small tackle box. If you are thinking about carrying small things, then a bulky tackle box might not serve you very well. The best tackle box is the one with an adequately large main storage section and small lure box areas or compartments for keeping the sundries. Spinning fishing afficionados usually use lures and will thus require fishing seat boxes with special lure compartments.

  • Weight

A lightweight fishing seat box can add to your degree of versatility. The first thing which comes to our mind while thinking of fishing box are the traditional metal ones. But changing requirements have imparted a massive makeover to the look and feel of fishing seat boxes. The modern ones are crafted using heavy-duty plastic which adds to its durability without making it seem bulky. Lightweight fishing seat boxes can act as a lifesaver especially if you are planning on moving from one spot to another.

  • Water Resistance

The biggest nemesis of your fishing accessories are rain and saltwater. You can however keep your belongings protected with a waterproof tackle box. Afterall, exposing your fishing gears to natural weathering elements might not be a very wise decision.

1. Roddarch Fishing Seat Box & Rucksack

Best Fishing Seat Box for Under £200 UK - 1

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Plan your next fly fishing, sea fishing and stalking program with the Roddarch ‘Tough Box’ Seat Box & Rucksack which is ideal for being used in places where you need to move promptly.


The Roddarch fishing seat box comes with a premium grade ABS construction which keeps it looking like new even in the face of heavy usage. The durability level gets further hiked up by its 600D RipStop nylon lining.


Accessing the seat box becomes easy coupled with its quick release clasps. 4 tackle boxes in the top section helps in carrying all your accessories with ease. The main section has an 18-litre capacity while the centre section can store 3 litres of sundries. Movable dividers present in the centre section help in making adjustments as per your preference.


The Roddarch fishing seat box can hold up to 20 stones in weight. It guarantees a comfortable experience with the seat pad and fully adjustable padded strap. You can securely store your tackle and similar items in the 3 x 5mm padded accessory pockets. Dual netted pockets are ideal for storing all your hooks, flies and other sundries.


  • Can support 20 stones in weight.
  • Padded strap helps in carrying it around easily.
  • Premium ABS construction hikes up its durability quotient.
  • The top section comes with 4 tackle boxes.
  • Movable dividers present in the centre section can accommodate a variety of your fishing essentials.
  • Dual netted pockets help in storing hooks, flies and sundries.

  • Accessing the seat box becomes easy coupled with its quick-release clasps.

  • The large rear pocket helps in storing documents, cutting mat, etc.

  • Main section has an 18-litre capacity while the centre section can sustain sundries weighing 3 litres.

  • Allows moving the fishing gear in a quick and easy manner.

  • The seat box does not come with side trays.

2. Roddarch Seat Box & Fishing Tackle Box

Best Fishing Seat Box for Under £200 UK - 2

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The Roddarch© “Tough Box” seat box can serve as the ideal gift for fishing enthusiasts as it offers excellent storage possibilities. You can take it along to your sea, coarse and boat fishing episodes.


This value for money fishing seat box has a strong construction making it well suited for being subjected to regular usage. In spite of having a durable construction, the seat box is lightweight enough for being carried around easily to your fishing escapades.


Top compartments of the Roddarch© “Tough Box” fishing tackle seat box folds flat on being opened. There are 4 tackle boxes in the top section and the presence of dividers help in adjusting the centre section. Most boxes available in the market fold to 45 degrees causing the tackle in the top compartment to fall out on being opened. But this is not the case with the Roddarch model which can keep all your belongings in place.


Three heavy duty clasps help in securing all the sections together. You can also benefit out of greater comfort with its padded seat and shoulder strap.


  • All the sections stay secured together by its heavy-duty clasps.
  • Padded strap allows carrying it around easily.
  • Three heavy duty clasps help in securing the sections together.
  • Ideal for coarse, sea or boat fishing.
  • Offers a variety of functionalities without adding to the price tag.
  • Seat pad enhances your degree of comfort.

  • Lightweight enough for being tagged along to all those long walks.

  • Centre section can be adjusted with the accompanying dividers.

  • Can sustain up to 20 stones of weight.

  • Strong and robust construction helps it in sustaining regular wear and tear.

  • Tilts over easily when the tub is empty and the lid is open.

3. FISHINGMAD Fishing Tackle Seat Box

Best Fishing Seat Box for Under £200 UK - 3

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If you are not in a mood of shelling out a fortune behind your fishing tackle seat box, then you need to bring home the Fishingmad model which can present you with an array of functionalities without crossing over the budget threshold.


Strong construction of this fishing tackle seat box can sustain a weight of 20 stones. Lightweight and easily transportable build makes this Fishingmad fishing tackle seat box ideal for the roaming angler. Dimensions of the seat box are 38cm x 23cm x 37cm. This affordable box stands out as a brilliant example of quality and excellence as it comes crafted out of moulded plastic.


The Fishingmad fishing tackle seat box comes with 4 handy lure compartments strapped with premium quality brass lock down clips and having measurements of 140mm x 75mm x 25mm. Its lid container has a depth of 60mm while the main compartment has a capacity of 18 litre. The lid is accompanied with a variety of easy to seal and handy compartments. You can thus carry all your necessary equipment along for a day’s fishing trip.


You can use the tackle box and seat for different types of fishing on a bench, boar or riverbank.

A free neoprene pad accompanying the Fishingmad fishing tackle box allows attaching it with the lid for enhancing your comfort meter. You can even attach it inside the box for sticking hooks or lures.


  • Seat at the top of the tray can be removed as per usage.
  • 18 litre main compartment helps with your storage needs for the next fishing trip.
  • Lid comes with an assortment of easy to seal and handy compartments.
  • The seat box is crafted using moulded plastic which can easily sustain heavy duty usage.
  • Can be used on a boat, riverbank or bench.
  • Sturdy fishing seat box which comes at a highly affordable price.

  • Accompanied with four handy lure compartments for easy storage.

  • Adequately strong box can sustain 20 stones in weight.

  • Easily transportable for roaming angler.

  • Comes with a free neoprene pad which can be attached for adding to your comfort meter.

  • The seat padding might seem a bit thin for some users.

4. Roddarch SEA MAX Sea Fishing Tackle Seat Box

Best Fishing Seat Box for Under £200 UK - 4

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Say hello to fishing season with this genuine Roddarch© “SEA MAX” seat box which can cater to your fly fishing and coarse fishing requirements in a seamless manner. This complete fishing gear system is accompanied with a variety of extras making it well suited for users of different experience levels.


The Roddarch© “SEA MAX” seat box is crafted using high-density ABS plastic making it both sturdy and lightweight. You can thus tag it along easily to your day sea fishing episodes by placing heavy stuffs at the bottom. This fishing seat box can sustain up to 20st of weight.


You can store your fishing apparel and lures with safety in this fishing seat box which comes with 4 tackle boxes at the top section and movable dividers in the centre section. Its main section measures 18 litres while the centre section measures 3 litres.


A light seat pad adds to the degree of comfort. Carrying around this fishing seat box becomes easy coupled with the padded shoulder strap which helps in minimising strain.


  • Can accommodate a variety of fishing bits for a day’s fishing needs.
  • Sturdy construction of the box makes it well suited to undertake a variety of tasks.
  • Offers storage of smaller items in the lid.
  • Light and easy to carry around.
  • The lid folds back flat to 180 degrees which helps in opening the small lids.
  • Ideal for fly fishing, sea fishing and stalking.

  • Can sustain up to 20st of weight.

  • Accompanied with a seat pad and padded strap for greater comfort.

  • Multiple segments and numerous compartments help with easy storage.

  • Can be carried around easily with the ergonomic shoulder strap.

  • Does not seem very sturdy when the lid is open.


Best Fishing Seat Box for Under £200 UK - 5

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The Koala Products fishing seat box can deliver exceptional value to any angler. Don’t let its affordable price tag fool you as it delivers a power packed performance from your very first fishing trip.


Polypropylene construction makes this fishing seat box adequately heavy-duty while keeping it lightweight. This assists in moving it around easily without experiencing any hand strain. The padded shoulder strap can be adjusted as per requirement while the seat guarantees resting comfort after hours of fishing.


This fishing seat box from Koala Products technically comes with just a single compartment with a depth of 34 cm for storing all your fishing essentials. You can also store smaller ideals in the removable bait waiter side tray which is shipped along with this seat box.


This highly versatile box can have your back at a variety of scenarios. You can tag it along on your charter boat to reef fishing or day wreck, to the pier for flat fish or mackerel fishing. This can also be taken down on the canal for skimmer fishing. Other items like the Octoplus main frame system can be hooked up with this Koala Products fishing seat box for benefitting out of a provisional four leg full accessory compatibility.


  • Clasps are adequately strong and sturdy.
  • Side tray fits perfectly and does not wobble.
  • Padded seat cushion can cater to your comfort needs seamlessly.
  • Shoulder strap can be adjusted as per requirement.
  • Ultra-lightweight build helps in carrying it along easily.
  • Crafted using premium quality polypropylene which adds to its durability quotient.

  • Accompanied with a bait waiter side tray.

  • Has dimensions of W55 X D38 X H42cm which helps in carrying a variety of fishing sundries along.

  • Compatible with Shakespeare and Daiwa boxes making it an extremely versatile model.

  • Can sustain up to 16 stones of weight.

  • Press in buttons tend to fasten if caught wrongly and this can damage the box altogether.


Some popular fishing accessories are lines, swivels, hooks, trebles, reels, fishing pliers, line cutters and sinkers. Usually, fishermen think its redundant to carry all these accessories unless they face sudden situations and feel the need for the same. Nothing can be worse than forgetting the essentials especially when the situation demands for the same. A fishing storage box can serve as your ultimate answer to such problems by keeping your accessories safe from saltwater, rain and even dust. It also becomes easy to carry them around as you store all the fishing sundries neatly in one box.

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