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A laser distance meter or laser tape measure allows gauging distances through laser tracking. Whether you are a home DIY enthusiasts or professional working in the trade industry, the laser tape measure can take the shape of a valuable piece of equipment by bringing in more accuracy and convenience to your jobs. While the laser measuring tools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of them are designed to help users in tracking distances with greater efficiency. Apart from improving your work quality, this can also bring in massive time savings. The best laser measure will offer all the information about the distance between objects and its dimensions single-handedly. But with a large number of laser measures available in the market, it might be a bit tasking to take the end call. To help you with the choice, we have gone through numerous laser tape measures for rounding up the best performers. But first, let us take a look at some of the things to consider before buying a laser measure.

Factors To Consider Prior To Buying A Laser Measure

When it comes to choosing a laser measure, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every person might have a different set of requirements. Some people will require a laser measure which can calculate more than one meter distance while others might feel the need for devices which can suffice small rooms or maybe weekend projects. Irrespective of the type of laser measure you require, the purchase decision can be made easier if you consider the below mentioned factors closely:

  • Firstly, you need to consider how much you are willing to spend on the laser measure. The price range of laser measures might vary between $100 to $500 and your choice will be determined by your ultimate nature of work. It is always a good idea to spend more on a high-end tool if you are planning on using it on a daily basis as it will offer greater functionalities for catering to your versatile needs.
  • Whether you are thinking of using the laser measure in outdoor or indoor setups will also determine your purchase call to a great extent. It might be difficult to use indoor specific laser measures in outdoor environments, as the laser pointer becomes difficult to find in broad daylight. You also need to consider the backlight display as you might be working in a dim-lit room where an LCD display might come in handy.
  • The design and overall durability of the laser measure also needs to be checked before purchasing the same. A device with IP54 rating is tolerant to both water and dust. Often brands offer laser measures which have surpassed a fall test for adding to its durability quotient.
  • One of the biggest reasons behind investing in a laser measure is minimisation of manual work. The laser measure you choose needs to be apt at undertaking computations of the volume, area and other variables you might require. Often devices can work out a Pythagoras in the event of unavailability of point A and/or point B. Apart from making the work easier, it also minimizes mistakes which becomes common after a day’s long work. Users are also on the lookout for ways to do away with the hassle of jotting down the measurements and many modern laser measures can help with the same. They can remember and record up to last twenty measurements.
  • Laser measures are portable devices which operate on batteries and this makes it essential to have an idea of the battery life in advance. Apart from the number of batteries required, you also need to develop an idea of the measurements the unit can perform before the batteries get drained.
  • Size is another important factor to consider as no one wants a laser measure which might come off as too bulky for being fitted into your pocket. An ergonomic device comes in as an added plus especially if it offers comfort grips and tactile buttons.

1. Bosch Professional laser measure GLM 50 C

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If you are on the lookout for a laser measure which tags along a professional feel without making any compromise in terms of performance or ease of use, then the Bosch GLM 50 C can serve as your best bet. This fantastic product makes it completely redundant to bank on additional tape measures while measuring up to 50 meters.


The Bosch GLM 50 C has already won accolades for the high level of range and accuracy it guarantees. It has an accuracy of 1/8 of an inch and remains functional over a range of 165 feet. You can make out the information easily by rotating the colour display which reads in decimals.


Data transfer for your smart devices becomes hassle-free with its Bluetooth functionality. You just need to install the Bosch app in your tablet or smartphone for reducing the burden of manually taking down measurements. Bosch GLM 50 C offers real-time measurements so that you can access the distance from your present position and this changes as you move either closer to or away from the target. This device can take around 10000 measurements per battery.


The Bosch GLM 50 C comes with a built-in inclinometer whose 360-degree tilt sensor mechanism eases our angle measurement. A compact design makes it well suited for being used in outdoor setups. You can read the measurements irrespective of the ambient light courtesy its upgraded backlit colour display. The last 30 measured value gets stored automatically by this laser measure which makes it ideal for architectural works.


  • Accompanied with dual 5 V LR03 (AAA) batteries and a protective bag.
  • The measuring master app for iOS and Android devices helps with maintaining straightforward documentation and management of all ground plans and measurements under one roof.
  • The 360° inclination sensor and stake-out function help with easy angle measurement.
  • Operates with a measuring range of 0.05–50 m.
  • IP 54 certification offers protection against splash and dust.
  • Easy-to-use design makes it well suited for amateur users.

  • Offers excellent long-distance performance.

  • Highly durable product keeps looking like new even after being used for long.

  • Comes with an intuitive and rotatable colour display for greater versatility.

  • Accompanied with various extra features like volume calculation.

  • Might be difficult to use in direct sunlight.

2. Leica Geosystems D110

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The brand-new Leica Geosystems D110 makes it easy to create sketches and floor plans once you connect it with the DISTRO Sketch application on your smartphone or tablet. An ergonomic build allows using this laser measure over prolonged time spans without experiencing any fatigue. Integration with Bluetooth Smart technology adds to its functionality while a pocket clip helps in carrying it around for taking area and distance measurements.


Enjoy three measuring modes with the Leica Geosystems D110 which are single measurement, permanent measurement and area. A range of 60m and accuracy of ±1.5mm allows to measure spaces and structures with top-notch speed and optimum precision.


The simple interface of the Leica D110 offers various measurement features which can help you gauge quick and accurate results be it in terms of square footage or distance measurements. Reading the results also become a breeze with its horizontal screen.


The slim and lightweight Leica D110 weighs just 3 ¼ ounces which can easily fit inside your pocket. A quick and intuitive operation is allowed by its easy-to-understand button. The removable pocket clip also serves as a valued accessory as you simply need to clip the device in your shirt pocket for being used conveniently.


  • Ergonomic design makes it extremely easy to use.
  • Ideal for being used in places where tape measurements might not be possible.
  • Dust and splash water protection, makes it ideal for the jobsite.
  • It becomes easy to read the measurements courtesy the horizontal screen.
  • The Bluetooth enabled laser measure can send measurements to mobile apps on being calculated.
  • Can measure linear distances, wall and floor areas.

  • Accompanied with a pouch for carrying this laser measure around.

  • A user manual which comes along with Leica Geosystems D110 can guide you through the steps.

  • Perfect for appraising properties, capturing basic dimensions and generating estimates.

  • Operates with three different measuring modes, namely, single measurement, permanent measurement, and area.

  • Not suited for outdoor usage.

3. Mileseey IP54 Laser Measure

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If your job requires you to take measurements single-handedly, then the Mileseey laser measure can serve as an important addition to your arsenal. This robust unit ranks high in terms of durability and can hold up well even on being dropped which makes it ideal for on-site usage.


You can undertake distance measurement with an accuracy of ± 2mm using the Mileseey laser measure. Its light-sensitive holes join hands with large optical lens for enhancing the light transmission by 50% and delivering a response time of 0.5s. It can easily sustain interference with strong light while delivering optimum visibility even under external sunlight.


Changing the units between M / In / Ft / Ft + in becomes possible by pressing and holding the unit button for 2 seconds. This helps in catering to the various measurement needs of people. The data hold and data clear functions serve as an added advantage while reviewing and calculating.


A good operating feeling is guaranteed by this handy and compact laser measure which comes with an IP54 dust-proof and waterproof rating.


  • Can measure length, distance, volume, area, minimum, maximum, Pythagoras, addition, subtraction and continuous measurement.
  • Commonly used in buildings, apartments, factories, construction sites and warehouses.
  • Can cater to the requirements of both DIY and professional users.
  • Allows conversion to 4 units which can be freely altered by holding the Units button for 2 seconds.
  • Offers storage of up to 20 data records for reviewing and calculating easily.
  • Offers more precision in measurement with two unique bubble levels.

  • Large LCD backlight screen offers better visibility to the users.

  • IP54 rating makes the laser measure both dust-proof and waterproof for being used at different jobsites.

  • Can withstand strong light interference while delivering clear results under external sunlight.

  • Large optical lens and light-sensitive holes increase light transmission by 50%.

  • Does not fare well in bright sunlight.

4. ARAS Laser Distance Meter 40m

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The laser distance meter by ARAS can improve your measuring experience for making field work easier. You just need to press the READ key once for turning on the laser and point it towards the place you wish to measure before hitting the READ key again. Users can select amongst three measuring units, namely, feet, inches and meters for displaying the distance by long pressing the U key on the laser measure.


Top-notch accuracy of +/-2mm is guaranteed by this multi-functional tool which operates with a measuring range of 0.05-40m.


You can use this device for length addition, as well as, subtraction. For doing this, you just need to press the + or – button. Large backlit display guarantees easy and clear measurement at all times. But you can expect better visibility in low-light scenarios.


The durable build of this compact laser distance measure delivers a good operating feeling. You can enjoy a solid grip with the non-slip rubber material lining its edges and tactile buttons which respond nicely. The ARAS laser distance meter is accompanied with a durable carrying pouch which assists in its easy portability.


  • The digital tape measure offers better access to data hold and data clear function.
  • Can cater to requirements of both amateurs and professionals at an unbeatable price.
  • Comes backed by a 12-month warranty.
  • Finds use in construction, home and industries with large areas like warehouses, apartments etc.
  • Supports both automatic and manual power off.
  • Comes with an array of measurement modes for users to take their pick.

  • You can choose between single-distance to continuous measurement.

  • Highly accurate information is displayed in its 4-line LCD about distance, area volume etc.

  • Users can gain a better view of what they are measuring with the double injection laser.

  • Built-in IP54 protection further enhances the durability quotient of this laser measure.

  • Accuracy of results might be compromised while trying to measure objects at a distance.

5. DTAPE DT50 Laser Distance Meter

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Walk-off measurements from your wall and other surfaces with the real-time measurement option of the Vorstik laser measure which is bound to blow your mind with its practical functionality.


Both fast and accurate results are guaranteed by the dual combination of its highly sensitive reflective glass and high-precision laser sensor. An accuracy ranging up to ±1/16inch can render a prefect finish to all your measuring tasks. Users can take their pick amongst four interchangeable units, namely, m / in / ft/ ft+in for greater versatility.


The multi-function laser measure can store up to 20 sets of measurement results which becomes extremely crucial in reviewing and comparing tasks. You can simply recall the historical data without having to reset and measure time and again.


The IP54 certified laser measure comes wrapped in wear resistant high-density soft rubber which makes it perfect for being used in the jobsite. Dustproof and splash proof attributes further add to the lucrativeness of this Vorstik model which can easily sustain minor bump and falls.


  • Muting function can have your back while using it in libraries, classrooms and similar quiet environments.
  • Shuts down automatically after 150 seconds of idle time which helps in conserving power.
  • Comes with a portable bag for being carried around easily.
  • Can measure area, distance, volume, continuous measurement, Pythagoras, maximum and minimum values, addition and subtraction etc.
  • Perfect for being used in buildings, apartments, construction sites, warehouses etc.
  • Better visibility is guaranteed even in dim-lit areas by its 2-inch backlit screen.

  • Can store 20 sets of historical data value for easy review and calculation.

  • Measure distance extends up to 165 feet/ 50m.

  • Offers a measuring accuracy of up to ±1/16 inch.

  • Can cater to different reading habits of people with 4 interchangeable units of m / in / ft/ ft+in.

  • Difficult to make out the symbols on the buttons while using it in a dark room.


A laser distance meter works in a different manner than standard tape measures. As a result, you don’t need to worry much about dealing with large coils of metal or aluminium. Rather, you can measure the time required for the pulse of light from the laser for being redirected from a target and reaching back to you. This makes use of the time-of-flight principle for measuring things rather than utilising a tape. In spite of being a complicated process, it is comparatively convenient than walking around with a tape measure. All the laser measures are accompanied with instructional DVDs and other guides which can walk you through all its functions. You just need to place the instrument at the end of the line which you wish to measure and aim the laser beam at a wall or other solid target. If you don’t have any solid object handy, then a plastic target can also be used for the whole process. Once all the set-up has been done, you just need to press the button and the result gets displayed automatically on the unit’s screen.

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