Best Petrol Strimmer Under £200 UK

A petrol strimmer can serve as your best ally for undertaking lawn maintenance tasks. You can easily reach areas like flowerbed and edges which otherwise are difficult to access. If you wish to add a petrol strimmer to your gardening arsenal, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to discuss about some of the best models which can be availed for less than £200. We understand how difficult it becomes in our busy world to research for the best product especially when you have to browse through countless alternatives. To make things easier, we have done all the research work at our end so that you can avail a product which shall exceed your expectations. But first, we are going to take a look at the things to keep in mind while using a petrol strimmer.

Important Pointers Of Using A Petrol Strimmer

A good quality grass strimmer can help keep your weeds and overgrown grass under control. They usually come with a nylon cord which can cut grass effectively by spinning at a high speed. While some petrol strimmer calls for manual replacement of the cord once it wears out, others are accompanied with an interior cord spool for feeding out the extra cord when required.

  • You should always give your personal comfort paramount importance while choosing a petrol strimmer for getting the most satisfactory result. While using the machine for the very first time, you need to adjust it properly. The adjustable shaft needs to be adjusted so that you don’t require to bend over during its operations. Tall users should look for a device with an extendable length so that they don’t face any discomfort. This becomes even more essential if you are planning on using the machine over prolonged time periods.
  • Grass strimmer need to be accompanied with the right kind of safety equipment that compliments it in the best manner possible. While the strimmer is generally pretty safe to use, you need to be cautious while working with a petrol engine. You can opt for a pair of goggles to buffer your eyes from the flying debris. Ear defenders can protect your ears from the noise emitted by the petrol engine. Getting the right kind of footwear is also important as that can protect your feet from sharp objects lying around. A pair of gloves can provide you with an extra grip while securing your hands against injuries caused by brambles and thorns.
  • Strimmer with brush-cutter function can yield better results as they come with an interchangeable cutting head. You can thus benefit out of its 2-string nylon head and a 3 or 4 tooth metal blades for higher flexibility.

1. Ryobi 25.4CC 2-in-1 Petrol Full Crank Grass Brush Cutter

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This highly capable machine can bring in more ease to your lawn maintenance sessions. It comes powered to the core by a full-crank engine and features ONE+ EasyStart technology for rendering effortless operation. You are also bound to fall in love with its Split Shaft feature which opens up greater attachment opportunities.


A 25.4cc petrol engine can guarantee you adequate power while tackling thick growth. You also don’t need to worry much about finding a power source nearby while using this Ryobi device.


A 26cm TriArc+ blade and strimmer head add to the cutting prowess of this petrol strimmer whose bump feed line makes it easy to get a new line. A metal-brush cutting blade and strimmer head accompanying the petrol strimmer makes it suitable for a variety of tasks.


You can use other Ryobi attachments with this petrol strimmer which has a cutting width of 43cm. Inclusion of a shoulder strap and loop handle brings in greater comfort to its usage. Assembling this petrol strimmer is also very easy as you just need to remove its strimmer head for fitting the blade using all the necessary tools provided. A clean engine technology brings down the level of emission to a great extent.


  • Clean Engine technology limits CE HC+Nox emission by 28% and CE CO emission by 73%.
  • High level of durability is promised by its solid full-crank engine.
  • Accuracy in trimming is brought about by its hardened metal brush cutting blade.
  • Best cutting results are guaranteed by its two-fold 2.4 mm HD line.
  • The petrol strimmer can be manipulated easily coupled with its ergonomic handle and shoulder harness.
  • Light weight package can be moved around with ease.

  • High level of power and durability is delivered by its 25.4cc full crank engine.

  • A 26cm Tri-Arc+ brush-cutter blade can easily clean overgrown grass and weeds with ease.

  • Compatible with a plethora of Expand-It attachments.

  • EasyStart feature helps with its effortless starting.

  • Does not come with an easy start module.

2. BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless 28 cm String Grass Trimmer

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The Black+Decker model can surely be crowned as one of the best garden strimmer which can guarantee you flawless performance so that you can nail a perfect finish for your lawn borders. In spite of having a lightweight build, this petrol strimmer can stun you with its stellar combination of power and speed.


A reliable lithium battery technology powers this cheap strimmer which can run up to 2500 linear meters following a single charge. This allows covering the lions share of the garden without frequent recharges.


E-drive technology takes the form of a high torque gear system allowing this petrol strimmer to power through overgrown areas without clogging. You can expect ultimate tool performance from this strimmer which operates with 5500-7400 rpm line cutting speed. The USP of this strimmer lies in its Trim’n’Edge feature which makes it easy to toggle between edging and trimming applications for rendering a neat and tidy finish to your lawn borders.


Focusing on the job becomes easy with the automatic feed system of this strimmer which feels both intuitive and straightforward to use. It feeds a fresh cutting-length of line automatically on detecting that the string has snapped or worn off. All this is done without interrupting the normal cutting process. An adjustable secondary handle makes this budget strimmer very easy to use as you get better control and hold of the strimmer. Users are also presented with an option of adjusting the length of the telescopic tube for suiting different requirements.


  • Optimum effectiveness is guaranteed by its lightweight design.
  • You can undertake effective trimming with its E-Drive technology.
  • Can be converted easily from trimmer to edger with its enhanced flip to edge mechanism.
  • Rings in both time and effort savings with its automatic single line feed system.
  • You can extend the runtime with its flexible power select.
  • AFS feeds out the line automatically from the spool whenever required.

  • Can clear 2500 linear meters following a single charge.

  • 28 cm cutting swath can tackle large areas while guaranteeing fast results.

  • Charges up completely within just 5 hours.

  • Powerful cutting is delivered by its speed of 5500-7400 rpm.

  • The trigger doesn’t feel very ergonomic.

3. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer

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Homeowners can take up regular trimming works without any worry by bringing home the ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol strimmer. Be it thick or overgrown grasses, you can deal with everything at one go with its three-blade cutter. Such attributes make it totally worth the money while adding to its versatility as you put this strimmer to use in a variety of conditions.


The ParkerBrand grass cutter is accompanied with a 52 CC engine which can generate 2.5 kW at a maximum speed of 7500 RPM. You can enjoy a smooth lawn maintaining session without any fear of overheating courtesy its functional one-cylinder engine which can cater to both large and small areas.


Exercising complete control over lawn maintenance becomes easy with the dual-line feed spool of this petrol strimmer. It has been specially designed for home owners who need to trim their gardens on a regular basis.


The shaft of the ParkerBrand grass cutter can be split into two parts and this design helps in its easy transportation while adding to its compactness. Built-in harness with padded shoulder straps and handle further adds to the level of convenience.


  • Comes with a brush cutting blade to make garden maintenance easy.
  • High quality construction keeps it looking like new even after prolonged usage.
  • This heavy-duty strimmer is also accompanied with an optical disc which contains helpful videos and guidelines for operating the same.
  • Well suited for homeowners who need to trim their gardens regularly.
  • Heavy-duty 52 CC engine can cover both small and large garden areas.
  • Accompanied with a fuel mixing bottle, harness and tool kit for greater functionality.

  • Compact split shaft design helps with easy storage.

  • Pretty easy to assemble and dis-assemble making it perfect for novice users.

  • Instruction manual can walk you through the entire process in a clear manner.

  • Powerful engine can easily tackle significant grass cutting.

  • The harness might seem challenging to install and use.

4. McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer

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Undertaking all round garden maintenance becomes easy with the McCulloch TRIMMAC which weighs just 3.9 kgs to pave the path for easy manoeuvring. A split shaft accompanying the machine further helps with its transportation and storage. An ergonomic handle renders a comfortable experience during trimming.


The McCulloch TRIMMAC comes powered to the core by a 600-watt engine which can guarantee optimum performance. A displacement of 25 cm³ and power output of 0.6 kW can easily make its way through dense and overgrown grass with ease.


A unique sharp blade of this petrol strimmer can cut through thick grass in a seamless manner. You can experience simplified operations with the Tap ‘n’ Go double thread tracking. On pressing the trimmer head to the ground, the thread extends automatically for delivering satisfactory results.


You can be guaranteed of even weight distribution across your arms and shoulders with this petrol strimmer that comes with a single strap. You can attain the perfect cutting position with this McCulloch brushcutter which guarantees satisfactory results at all times.


  • Transporting the petrol strimmer becomes easy coupled with its two-piece split shaft.
  • You can easily find an ergonomic position coupled with its height adjustable handle.
  • The air filter cover can be opened without the assistance of any specific tool.
  • Lightweight design allows to manoeuvre it easily.
  • Carry strap assists with even weight distribution.
  • Operation becomes easy coupled with its soft start technology.

  • Guarantees best results on being used with different attachments.

  • Automatic line feeding becomes easy with its Tap N Go trimmer.

  • High level of performance is guaranteed by the innovative OxyPower technology.

  • You can remain completely buffered during cutting with its easy-to-use combination guard.

  • Has heavy maintenance requirement.

5. Einhell GC-BC 31-4 S 31 cc 4 Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter

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The GC-BC 31-4 S can help you gain effortless control over stubborn growth in different hard-to-reach areas of the garden. All controls on the scythe can be accessed easily as they are positioned on its aluminium two-hand handle. This allows to handle the scythe in a precise manner.


The four-stroke engine of GC-BC 31-4 S packs in ample power for helping users undertake convenient trimming at all times. The level of vibration also gets substantially reduced by its engine which is powered by a 1500 watts motor to deliver a more comfortable and smoother experience. You can also expect high stability while the engine is running with its digital ignition technology which also assists in manoeuvring the petrol strimmer easily.


The quick-start technology makes operating this machine seam like a hassle-free affair. You can alter between a 3-tooth blade and two-fold line spool for getting optimum results. The Einhell GC-BC 31-4 S petrol scythe allows to reach all the corners of your garden more freely when compared to a cabled electric trimmer. Its premium quality twin line spool along with automatic jog system can deliver a thorough trimming to your lawn as you adjust the nylon thread as per requirement.


You can be fully guaranteed about on-job safety with its centrifugal clutch which disengages the cutting tool when the strimmer is in idle mode. While a carrying strap helps with more comfortable operation, a split shaft assists with its easy storage and transportation.


  • Packs in adequate power for tackling even the thickest of growth.
  • Can be used both as a brush cutter and a strimmer.
  • Shoulder strap can easily support the unit’s weight for being carried around with ease.
  • A 0.9 litre fuel tank can help you cater to a wider area with each top-up.
  • The carrying handle comes with different control elements which allow working in a conductive environment.
  • An easy starting system can keep you completely worry free about cold start issues.

  • Transportation and storage become convenient with its split-shaft design.

  • The level of vibration gets substantially reduced by its two-stroke 52cc engine.

  • Twin line spool and 3-tooth blade guarantees optimum results.

  • Adjustable handle makes it very easy to operate.

  • At 8.9 kg, this petrol strimmer might feel slightly on the heavier side.


Garden management becomes easy with our selection of the best petrol strimmer which offer the best blend of engine capacity, weight, power and performance. Petrol strimmer can serve as a match made in heaven for those having large lawns. These beasts are adequately powerful for handling even the most difficult tasks without showing any signs of weakness. They do not impose any restrictions regarding your work area and can serve an excellent job of clearing away tough weeds, as well as, cutting down large meadows.

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