Best Pressure Washer Under £100 UK

Pressure washers can bring in more ease to your brickwork, outdoor surface, lawn furniture and motorbike cleaning chores. You can either go the hard way by getting on your knees for scrubbing the yard or invest in some of the best pressure washers like the ones listed below. The second option is definitely more viable as it comes with an affordable price tag and brings in more efficiency to the work done while using less water compared to the traditional garden hoses. Read on to know about five of the best pressure washers you can avail for less than £100. But primarily, let us consider the buying guide of a pressure washer.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Pressure Washer

  • Primarily, you need to consider the pressure. 100 bar signifies light duty and is ideal for cleaning of outdoor windows and furniture which do not have high pressure requirement. Next comes mid-range denoted by 110-135 bar of pressure for catering to normal use like cleaning fences, car wash, patios and stairs. Lastly comes heavy duty signified by more than 135 bars of pressure for catering to large areas such as multiple lawns.
  • Once you have selected the degree of pressure, you need to take a look at the accessories which accompany the pressure washer. Some of the basic accessories you need to look out for are a rotary nozzle, detergent tank, brush for washing bike or car tires, high-pressure hose, foam nozzle for applying detergent and patio cleaner. While most pressure washers come with the accessories, others need to be purchased separately. You can compare the price for both the alternatives before deciding on the more affordable option.
  • If you need to move around the pressure washer around every now and then, its best to opt for lightweight and portable models. Herein it is advised to opt for the ones with wheels as they can be shifted around without any trouble. You can also choose models with a longer power cord so that the pressure washer can be used for cleaning different equipment and surfaces without being plugged and unplugged every now and then.

1. Bosch 06008A7971 EasyAquatak 120 High-Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer Under £100 UK - 1

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Benefit out of excellent 120 bar cleaning with the Bosch EasyAquatak pressure washer which can easily knock off dirt from the patio, wall or your car in an easy manner. It comes with 1500 watts of motor power which can bring in massive time and energy savings with its efficient performance. We all wish to have a clutter-free work area and this Bosch pressure washer can help you with the same with its unique design that assists in storing all the accessories in its holder. Apart from bringing along space savings, it also helps in accessing them easily when required.


Don’t let its compact dimensions fool you as this pressure washer delivers an outstanding 120 bar cleaning performance. A broad base imparts extra level of stability while opening up storage solution to a variety of accessories. A low centre of gravity design causes this pressure washer to look a bit dwarf-like but also prevents it from getting disbalanced. Wide footprints of this device can come to your assistance while operating on uneven surfaces.


Inclusion of rotary nozzles and variable power helps with deep cleaning. The cleaning time also gets reduced to a great extent by its high-pressure detergent nozzle. Its rotary point jet nozzle is best for dealing with firm dirt build-ups in your patio while the foam nozzle helps with quick application of detergent. You can bank on the flat jet nozzle for washing off your motorbike or car.


Simple push fit connections help in its easy set up. The USP of this pressure washer lies in its auto-stop system which assists with energy conservation. Energy consumption starts once the trigger is pulled and ends on being released.


  • Excellent at stubborn dirt removal.
  • Weighs just 4.7 kgs making it an extremely easy to carry option.
  • Bosch Auto-stop system helps with efficient utilisation of power.
  • Broad base offers extra stability and storage options for all the accessories.
  • Simple push fit connections help with easy set up.
  • Can be used for car cleaning and patio cleaning.

  • Inclusion of rotary nozzles help with deep cleaning.

  • Cleaning time gets drastically reduced by the high-pressure detergent nozzle by quickly applying the soap.

  • Compact dimensions of 40 x 20 x 37.5 cm help in storing it easily.

  • Keeps users buffered from filter problems as it stops spraying when the water intake is stopped.

  • Lightweight nature causes it to topple over every now and then.

2. Wilks-USA RX510 Compact Pressure Washer 135Bar

Best Pressure Washer Under £100 UK - 2

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Wilks has evolved into an accredited pressure washer brand which guarantees unparalleled reliability to users of different experience levels. They come with all the necessary accessories so that you can take up a variety of cleaning jobs instantaneously.


Cleaning chores become a breeze with the Wilks Rx510 which can stun you with its high level of pressure generation. This compact unit is manufactured with robust materials which can guarantee its safety of use and long-lasting durability. Moving this 8.2 kg pressure washer around becomes easy coupled with the travel wheels. Its air-cooled 1800-watt motor generates adequate power which can easily outperform most pressure washers available in the market. While peer brands operate with aluminium wound motors, the Wilks Rx510 uses a premium quality copper wound brush-less motor for greater efficiency.


You can bank on this Wilks pressure washer for drawing water either from the tap or bucket while still getting the same level of pressure. It throws water at 135 bar and is pretty easy to operate courtesy the click and use system. On-board storage helps in neatly organising the lance, gun, hose, attachments and electrical cable. While its built-in inlet filter ensures smooth operation of the pump, an automatic start and stop motor offers water flow only when the requirement arises.


A 5-meter power cable and 5-meter hose guarantees adequately long reach so that you don’t need to move the unit along or change the plug socket every now and then. Click and go system keeps the assembly requirements minimal. All you need to do is take it out of the packaging and set up its hose and lance. The operation gets further simplified by the handheld detergent bottle which can boost up your cleaning performance on being filled with a cleaning solution.


  • Crafted using premium materials which impart a robust feel to this pressure washer.
  • Travel wheels also help in moving it around easily.
  • Can cater to both domestic and professional users with its unparalleled reliability.
  • Perfect for cleaning garden furniture, brickwork, driveway, patio, car, bike and many more.
  • On-board storage helps in carrying accessories along easily.
  • Accompanied with a 5-meter hose which helps in moving around with ease.

  • Versatile pressure washer can be fed water either from a bucket or the tap.

  • Operates with a flow rate of 450 litres per hour.

  • Accompanied with all the standard accessories which can get you started with the operation immediately.

  • Weighs just 8.2 kg which assists in its easy portability.

  • Hose is crafted using cheap quality plastic.

3. Kärcher K 2 Compact Pressure Washer

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Karcher is a renowned name in the pressure washing sector and you can expect high performance out of its K2 model. It is best for washing dirt off your bicycle, motorbike or cars in an effective manner. Lightweight dimensions help in catering to a variety of outdoor cleaning requirements seamlessly.


You can easily move around this compact and lightweight pressure washer which allows neat on-board storage of accessories. It is crafted using premium grade materials which keep on looking like new even after prolonged usage and is accompanied with a one-way lance and a trigger gun for delivering amazing performance. You can either store it in the shed or transport it in your car boot.


An air-cooled 1400-watt motor produces 360 I/h of water and 110 bar of pressure which is perfect for undertaking light tasks. You can benefit immensely out of its 4m high pressure hose which guarantees it plenty of reach while the detergent suction feature assists with easy cleaning.


While the Karcher K2 pressure washer doesn’t come with any wheels, you won’t have any trouble in moving it around the work site.


  • A 4m high pressure lance allows in moving around easily.
  • On-board storage helps in keeping all the accessories in one place.
  • Easy-to-use attributes makes it well suited for both novice and professional users.
  • Can tackle a variety of outdoor cleaning requirements like an absolute boss.
  • Does not take up much space in your garage or shed making it well suited for people with cramped work areas.
  • Detergent can easily be applied on the surface by its integrated suction tube.

  • Transporting this pressure washer becomes easy with its lightweight design.

  • Perfect for cleaning hard surfaces like brickwork and stone, as well as, your car.

  • Compact build helps with its easy storage post usage.

  • Accompanied with a one-way lance, trigger gun and dirt blaster lance.

  • Not suitable for cleaning firm dirt.

4. Norse SK90 Compact Electric Pressure Washer 1900 PSI / 131 Bar

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Whatever be the task, the Norse SK90 Compact Electric Pressure Washer can add up to your efficiency meter drastically. In spite of having compact dimensions, this device can absolutely blow your mind with its stellar performance which is substantially superior than peer brands.


You can benefit out of greater power with the Norse SK90 which generates an unexpectedly high 1900 PSI. This mammoth power generation can be accredited to its premium-grade copper wound brush-less motor that delivers years of consistent cleaning power. The technology offered by Norse is the same found in its larger washers.


A unique thing about the SK90 is that you can either draw water from any standing source or take it from the conventional garden hose. An accompanying filtered hose and powerful suction enables this pressure washer to draw water quickly from a pond or bucket. The quick-connect system paves the path for secure and fast accessory swapping. You can attach the 90° turbo nozzle for accessing those hard-to-reach places easily.


The ultra-compact SK90 can serve as your best bet for a variety of tasks as you put it to use in places with space crisis without any performance loss. Since it comes with a variety of nozzles, you can take your pick amongst different pressure options for versatile cleaning. The SK90 is shipped along with different accessories like filter, adaptors, nozzles, hose, triangle brush, rotary brush and many more.


  • Delivers an impressive 131 bar of maximum output.
  • Water can be supplied either from a standing water source or a hose.
  • Hose length of 3 metre allows in moving around easily.
  • Can clean 28 square meter of area per hour.
  • You can easily clean those hard-to-reach places with its 90° turbo nozzle.
  • Comes backed by a 24-month warranty against all manufacturing defects.

  • Offers the perfect blend of contemporary design and traditional quality.

  • Accompanied with a variety of accessories like quick hose connector, 90° turbo nozzle, triangle brush, multi-jet nozzle and rotary brush.

  • Compact unit can be stored away easily when not in use.

  • Lightweight build helps in moving it easily around the work area.

  • The lance lead is not adequately strong.

5. Neo® Electric High Pressure Washer 110 Bar

Best Pressure Washer Under £100 UK - 5

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Clean up your brick-wall without having to put in too much effort with the Neo® Electric High-Pressure Washer. In spite of having compact dimensions, this high-pressure washer can perform like an absolute beast when it comes to knocking off dirt from your patio, motorbike and other outdoor surfaces.


Premium grade plastic goes into the construction of the Neo pressure washer which can guarantee years of durability even when subjected to wear and tear. Moving this pressure washer around also becomes easy coupled with its big transportation wheels and handle.


A carbon brush motor adds to its level of versatility while allowing this pressure washer to deliver 110 bar pressure. You can access and clean a variety of areas with its adjustable nozzles. It becomes possible to switch easily between foam and water with its quick connect foam tank which adds to the level of versatility.


A 5m power cord and 5m hose helps in accessing a bigger area with greater functionality. You can even move this pressure washer around easily with its transportation wheels.


  • 5m hose can deliver 110 bars of pressure.
  • Carbon brush motor can deliver exceptional performance in clearing away the dirt from your cars and patio.
  • Adjustable nozzle helps in catering to various cleaning requirements with maximum efficiency.
  • At just 5 kg, this Neo pressure washer comes off as adequately lightweight.
  • Extremely easy to use which helps in catering to the requirements of both novice and amateur users.
  • Quick connect foam tank helps in switching effortlessly between foam and water.

  • 5m power cord offers optimum accessibility at work.

  • An integrated cable tidy allows storing the power cord neatly post usage.

  • The machine can be moved around easily coupled with its transportation wheels.

  • Ergonomic handle does not inflict any strain on your hand while moving around the pressure washer.

  • Not suited for heavy-duty cleaning.


The general expression of ‘higher price for better quality’ does not necessarily apply in the case of pressure washers. Some of the most popular brands can be availed by shelling out less than £100. They can have your back at a variety of activities ranging from cleaning driveways and patios to getting grime off your cars, bikes and outdoor furniture. The models listed above can deliver a decent job of basic household cleaning and you are advised to opt for more expensive models to remove tough oil stains on your garage floor or driveway. You should always make it a point to browse through the product manual prior to use and run some tests on less worthy materials before using it on your expensive car. The slipperiness associated with using a pressure washer can also be avoided by wearing long grippy shoes. You should always ensure that the pressure washer is never used while on a ladder as it might cause you to get disbalanced on recoiling. Also make sure of standing at least 8 inches away from the surface you are washing as getting too close might damage the same like removing paint from your car surface.

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