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A scroll saw can serve as a godsend for all DIY enthusiasts as they help in making curved edges and delicate cuts on a variety of materials. The best scroll saw can bring in higher levels of precision while making controlled cuts when compared to power tools like jigsaws. The USP of scroll saws lie in its reciprocating blade which can be moved by the user with ease. This helps the users in carrying out cuts without having to compulsorily make an entry slot in the material in advance. Undertaking intricate tasks also become easy with the finer blade which accompany the scroll saws which add up to its level of versatility. Below we have listed five of the best scroll saws in UK and a buying guide to help you select the best model according to your specific needs.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Scroll Saw

  • Primarily, you will have to give special attention to the throat length which is actually the measurement of the rear of the blade positioned at the saw’s back throat. It becomes easy to determine the materials once you pick the right throat size. 12 inches is the smallest throat length measurement but for everyday applications, you will require around 18 inches of throat length. Industrial applications call for 30 inches of throat length.
  • Depth capacity of the cutting saw determines thickness of the material you can cut and work with. Generally, the depth capacity of scroll saws varies between 1.75 inches to 2.5 inches or more.
  • Cutting speed of a scroll saw will have a significant role to play in determining its overall performance. The ones with lower speed will not allow users to work with more robust materials. The slowest speed you might encounter is around 400 strokes per minutes whereas 1800 strokes per minute is expected for effective operation. Slow cutting speed can tackle thin materials like brittle and soft woods while fast ones are best suited for leather, paper and cloth. Scroll saws with variable speed can serve as your best bet for catering to changing work requirements.
  • Scroll saw blades might be of pinned or pin-less varieties. The first one is ideal for handling woods having greater thickness but they cannot make intricate or detailed cuts. The pin-less variants can help you undertake fine cuts with supreme precision. While standard blades with larger teeth can help you cut wood, the ones with smaller blades and smaller teeth can serve as your perfect ally in metal cutting chores. Scroll saw also uses other types of blades like the skip tooth one for cutting wood and plastics, and spiral ones for slicing through different types of wood, metal and wax.
  • At the end of the day, no one wants a scroll saw having a complicated operation. Rather, we look for devices which guarantee fuss-free operation and seamless access to all its controls. This is why it is advisable to opt for a scroll saw whose controls are located centrally. The ones with a pedal control can make life even easier as you get to work in a hands-free manner.
  • Size of the machine serves as an extremely important consideration as short products having dual-link parallel arms operate with reduced vibration on the blade and produce less noise than its peers.
  • If you wish for more stable results, then it is advisable to opt for scroll saws with a stable base and clamp system as that will significantly reduce vibration and noise by securing the machine to a heavy bench.
  • Scroll saws accompanied with a dust collection bag helps in keeping the work area clean. As a result, you can monitor the work done with greater precision and expect more satisfactory results. An integrated LED work light can enhance your level of visibility during operations so that you can achieve the best result.

1. Dremel MS20 Moto-Saw Scroll Saw

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The easy-to-use and compact scroll saw by Dremel can help you make detailed cuts in various materials. It is accompanied with a variety of saw blades which helps in handling different types of materials with ease. This scroll saw is extremely easy to store, set-up and operate which has added to its popularity amongst the users of UK.


The feature rich scroll saw guarantees secure handling of different materials. A detachable fretsaw allows using this device both in-hand and in stationary mode. You can work on larger workpieces with the handheld mode whereas precision work can be undertaken in its stationary mode. The variable speed control feature delivers optimum precision when working with materials.


You can expect straight cuts up to 18mm with the parallel guide and guide rails. The general-purpose wood cutting saw blade strikes the right balance between precision and speed with 6 teeth positioned per centimetre. A metal cutting saw blade is well suited for slicing through soft sheet metal with 10 teeth per centimetre. You can make detailed cuts in wooden materials with the fine wood cutting saw blade which comes with 7 teeth per centimetre to deliver the finest cutting results.


The hold down foot feature diminishes vibration to a great extent. This cheap scroll saw operates in a speed range of 1500-2500 rpm and a noise level of 88.3 dB.


  • Offers full variable speed control ranging between 1.500-2.250 RPM for matching the speed with the project in hand.
  • Parallel guide and guide rails pave the path for precise straight cuts up to 18 mm.
  • Optimal blade tensioning and easy accessory change is guaranteed by its auto tensioning quick change mechanism.
  • Accompanied with the right set of accessories for handling a large variety of materials including soft sheet metal, hardwood, laminate, PVC and softwood.
  • The hold-down foot feature helps in reducing the vibration to a great extent.
  • Accompanied with a carrying case for easy portability.

  • Easy-to-use scroll saw can cater to the requirements of both amateurs and professionals.

  • Can handle a variety of materials easily with its range of different saw blades.

  • Extremely easy to set-up and store when not in use.

  • Operates in both handheld mode for larger work pieces and stationary mode for undertaking precision work.

  • Lack of tilt facility makes it impossible to cut at an angle using this scroll saw.

2. Proxxon DS 230/E Scroll Saw

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Your search for a lightweight scroll saw ends with the Proxxon DS 230/E Scroll Saw which makes precision cuts a seamless affair. A safety hold-down clamp pins down the saw in place for boosting up the level of stability. The blades are powered by an AC motor which allows speed adjustment according to the cut you are undertaking.


If you have a delicate job in hand like toy making, model building or precision mechanics, then the DS 230/E scroll saw can serve as your best bet. This well-equipped scroll saw comes loaded with features which can easily suffice DIY enthusiasts. It comes with 5 saw blades, of which 3 are coarse-toothed and 2 are fine-toothed. The stroke rate can also be electronically controlled between 150-2500 rpm.


You can bank on this versatile scroll saw to cut soft wood up to 40mm, plastics up to 4mm, hard wood up to 10mm and non-ferrous metals up to 2mm.


Ribbed die-cast aluminium goes into the construction of the saw frame having 300mm throat. Height adjustable head amongst 3 positions adds in more advantage as the AC motor allows to work without creating a ruckus with the operation.


  • Height of the head can be adjusted amongst 3 different positions.
  • The blade clamps secure the blade top and bottom using a small hexagon grub screw for ensuring stability of operation.
  • Feels very smooth once the unit is secured in place and the right level of tension is set.
  • Build is adequately durable for lasting the test of time.
  • Easy-to-use dynamics makes it well suited for novice users.
  • Weighs around 2 kg which helps in transporting it easily.

  • Accompanied with 5 saw blades for greater versatility.

  • AC motor comes with higher life expectancy and does not remit any loud noise with its operation.

  • Well suited for delicate jobs like toy making, model building and precision mechanics.

  • Electronic speed control brings in greater ease of use.

  • Blade changing inflicts a stringent learning curve.

3. FERM Fret Saw – Scroll Saw – 120 W

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Have you been worrying about changing the blades of your scroll saw? If you have an affirmative answer, then you need to bring home the FERM SSM1007 Scroll Saw whose quick-release function allows changing blades in a hassle-free manner.


You can adjust the work table of this FERM scroll saw between an angle of 0 to 45°. Users can expect optimum versatility at work with the 3 different saw blades which are supplied with this scroll saw. A quick blade tensioning system helps in making quick changes whenever required. The work environment can be kept clean with its accompanying flexible dust blower and vacuum cleaner connection which also offers a good view of the cutting line and workpiece.


A 120-watt power motor allows this scroll saw to cut through wood and plexiglass in an effortless manner. This makes it perfect for making games, puzzles, toys, jewellery and fretwork. A speed adjustment knob allows adjusting the speed even when the scroll daw is operational.


A foot pedal switch accompanying the FERM SSM1007 Scroll Saw responds quickly to the instructions. It can also be turned off in the continuous operation mode. This practical utility helps in keeping your hands free during internal cuttings so that you can concentrate fully on the work piece. High level of safety stands guaranteed by a special on/off switch and a transparent protection guard.


  • Foot switch helps in working in a hands-free manner.
  • Rotational speed can be adjusted even during running.
  • Comes with detailed instruction manual which can walk you through the entire process.
  • The scroll saw does not create a ruckus with its operation.
  • Ideal for being used by hobbyists.
  • Low level of vibration guarantees optimum cutting results.

  • Saw blade can be changed easily coupled with its quick release lever.

  • Users can exercise easy control over the machine by simply pressing or releasing the foot switch.

  • 45° adjustable work table helps in cutting chamfers.

  • Safety on/off switch strengthens the security parameter.

  • Does not come with a built-in LED light for working in dim-lit setups.

4. Sealey SM1302 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

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Whether you are a keen practitioner or a novice woodworking enthusiast, the Sealey SM1302 can serve as a significant addition to your arsenal especially when trying to work on highly detailed projects.


A 120-watt motor powers this scroll saw which can be used with both pinned and unpinned blades as per requirement. Your work won’t be interrupted as you get to change the blades seamlessly within just second’s time.


The Sealey SM1302 operates at variable speeds ranging between 400 to 1600 spm so that you can slow things down for complicated cuts and race through simple ones. This feature comes in as a lifesaver while working on materials having varying levels of thickness. You can bank on this scroll saw for slicing through thin metal sheets easily provided you pair it with a compatible blade.


It becomes easy to work with the Sealey SM1302 which comes with a parallel-arm design so that you can manoeuvre it easily and with high level of precision. This makes it the perfect choice for people who wish to achieve accurate cuts with next to none room for error. A comfortable working experience is guaranteed by its table which tilts to 45-degrees. An adjustable safety guard buffers your fingers from the blade whereas the dust blower helps in manipulating the orientation as to what serves you the best.


  • Maintaining a dust-free work area becomes possible with its flexible dust blower.
  • Comes fitted with an adjustable safety guard.
  • Can cut through multiple layers of material with its variable speed of operation.
  • High quality rounded table paves the path for intricate cuts.
  • A quick blade changing system brings in more ease in its operation.
  • Can be used along with both unpinned and pinned blades.

  • Operates at variable speed levels ranging between 400-1600 spm.

  • Compactly designed scroll saw can be stored without any difficulty.

  • Lightweight built allows carrying it around without experiencing any strain.

  • Can cater to the requirements of both novice and professional users alike.

  • Struggles while working with thicker materials.

5. Axminster Craft AC405SS 405mm Scroll Saw

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Expect optimum effectiveness out of the Axminster Craft AC405SS which comes powered to the core by a 125 watts DC motor. You can use it for cutting different types of materials coupled with its variable speed control feature. Compact dimensions help storing it easily when not in use.


It becomes possible to connect this scroll saw with a vacuum cleaner coupled with its 35mm dust port. A quick release tension knob fosters quick and easy changing of the blades while a heavy cast iron base helps in reducing vibrations to a great extent. The Axminster Craft AC405SS is shipped with a pack of assorted Swiss made blower nozzle, Pegas blades, service tools and eye guards.


This entry level scroll saw operates with a variable speed of 550-1600 spm which allow cutting through a wide variety of materials with ease. The independently pivoted dual blade arms guarantees a better-quality cut by offering a virtually straight up-and-down motion to its blade. Engaging in bevel cutting becomes possible with this scroll saw which tilts up to 45 degrees.


The Axminster Craft AC405SS is compatible with both plain end and pinned blades. You can easily access the clamps for hassle-free blade changing. You can expect the cutting line to remain clean during operations courtesy the functional blower.


  • Can easily cut through 1.5mm to 2mm diameter of copper and brass.
  • Easy access of the clamps allows changing the blades in an easy manner.
  • The cutting line remains clean during operations with the accompanying blower.
  • A cast iron base adds to the level of stability of this scroll saw.
  • Operates with a maximum cutting depth of 50 mm so that you can engage in crafting work with style.
  • Does not create a ruckus with its operation.

  • The scroll saw is not too heavy which helps in carrying it around easily.

  • Compact dimensions ease out its storage routine when not in use.

  • Has an easy learning curve which makes it perfect for amateur users.

  • Sturdy built makes it tailor-made for being used at the jobsite.

  • Causes a lot of vibrations with its operation.


Scroll saws are pretty safe to use like other varieties of power tools. However, it is always advisable to have a clear notion about the general safety tips prior to using the same. For example, you should always wear suitable protective gear like dust masks, goggles and ear protectors whenever required. Your fingers should also be kept at a same distance from the blade while operating the scroll saw to minimise all chances of injury. The system needs to be turned off when the scroll saw is not in use as this helps in prevention of accidents. You should also ensure that the system is switched off while conducting essential maintenance, tension adjustments or blade changes.

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