Best Sliding Mitre Saw Under £200 UK

Mitre saw is a power tool that can serve both DIY and professional users in making accurate angles on plastic, wood and metal. You can bank on the mitre saws while working with door frames, skirting boards, furniture pieces and general woodwork. Today we are going to take a look at the five best mitre saws which can add to your efficiency meter within the budget of just £200 UK. All of our hand-picked models can deliver optimum accuracy while making angled cuts. But first we are going to take a look at the buying guide of these bad boys.

Buying Guide Of Mitre Saw

  • Firstly, you need to consider whether the mitre saw is corded or cordless. Obviously, the latter variety is more preferred given the flexibility and portability it brings to the table. However, this comfort comes at a higher price tag as you need to purchase additional accessories like a battery and charger. Corded mitre saws are less expensive and more durable than their cordless peers.
  • Next comes the power of the mitre saw which is determined to a large extent by the quality of its blade. Mitre saws with premium grade blades bring in more power than its sub-par alternatives. Material constitution of the blade can also have a big to play in determining its ultimate cutting capacity.
  • Weight of the mitre saw also serves as an important consideration especially if you need to move it around a lot in your home or garage. Mitre saws can be broadly divided into three categories namely basic, compound and sliding compound. While the basic mitre saws are very lightweight, the sliding compound is the heaviest of the lot.
  • Incompatibility of the blade can have a detrimental effect on the mitre saw’s overall functioning. This is why it is always advisable to select a blade which has been specially designed for fitting a particular saw. But changing the blade becomes an absolute necessity whenever it gets blunt. According to experts, you should opt for mitre saws having carbide blades.
  • A lever lock is an important safety parameter to consider while choosing your next mitre saw. This lever keeps the saw locked when not in use to prevent it from turning on accidentally even on being tampered by children who might not be very familiar with its operation.
  • Finally, you need to also consider additional features like a laser guide and an electric brake. A laser guide delivers more precise bevel cut and an excellent finish while an electric brake helps in pausing the mitre saw in between usage to control its speed while undertaking straight or bevel cut.

1. Evolution Power Tools R210SMS+

Best Sliding Mitre Saw Under £200 UK - 1

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The R210SMS+ has made its way into the top-tier of mitre saws with sheer versatility and a promise of delivering burr-free, spark-free and ready-to-weld cuts on a variety of metals. This makes it a top pick of plumbers who can easily shift from cutting plastic to metal pipes in a seamless manner.

Cutting Capacity

The R210SMS+ is accompanied with a premium Japanese Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped blade which has more teeth for delivering a cleaner cut. Users can adjust the depth stop for getting cut depth ranging from 0-65mm. You can even get an angled finish of your choice with its mitre cutting capability of 50°.


A powerful hi-torque 1500W motor joins hands with an optimised gearbox and blade system for cutting through different materials in an easy manner. You can get the exact angled tilt up to 45 degree by loosening the bevel handle and utilising the bevel scale.


A slide rail protector shields the mitre saw from dust build up which is notorious of obstructing the cutting action. Moving the R210SMS+ around becomes easy with its integrated carry handles which add to its degree of portability. You can also bid adieu to extension cables with its 3m long cable which offer extended reach for your mitre saw.


  • Greater number of teeth on its premium Japanese Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped blade guarantees a cleaner cut.
  • An extended power cord makes it redundant to bank on a separate extension cable.
  • Integrated carrying handles assist with its easy portability.
  • Comes with a dust bag which helps in keeping the environment clean.
  • Slide rail protector keeps the mitre saw buffered from physical damage.
  • Two quick-release clamps help in making easy adjustments while enhancing the security of your workplace.

  • Users can select the cut depth between 0-65mm by adjusting the depth stop positioned on the saw’s neck.

  • Mitre cutting capability of 50° can deliver the angled finish you require.

  • A 1500W high torque motor joins hands with its blade system and optimised gearbox for cutting through 3mm mild steel with absolute ease.

  • Users can get the exact angled tilt as required up to 45° by loosening the bevel handle.

  • Has a large number of components with varied functionality which might confuse the end user.

2. VonHaus Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 5000RPM

Best Sliding Mitre Saw Under £200 UK - 2

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Woodworkers should always opt for tools which can deliver top-notch comfort while keeping their garage clutter-free. Too many tools can choke up your workshop and herein rises the requirement of multi-functional tools like the single bevel sliding mitre saw by VonHaus that can bring in massive savings to your time and cost.

Cutting Capacity

A cutting power of 4200 RPM is generated by this mitre saw without creating a ruckus with its operation. Its bevel cut measurement to the left is 120×20 mm and straight cut measurement is 120x40mm which opens up greater opportunities ahead of the users.


You can expect greater proficiency in making cuts with the laser guidance system of this VonHaus mitre saw. It is accompanied with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years to keep you covered in case of any defect. The reinforced support bars can easily hold different materials such as steel, aluminium, wood etc.


This single bevel sliding mitre saw ranks high in terms of durability courtesy its aluminium construction and this is a big reason behind its popularity amongst the woodworking fraternity. Its high-quality carbide blades ensure optimum protection to your hands while at work whereas a safety lock prevents the mitre saw from coming on accidentally.


  • Premium grade aluminium construction adds to the durability of this mitre saw.
  • Compact design helps in moving it easily around the work space.
  • A safety lever lock ensures complete safety even when the mitre saw is not in use.
  • A powerful motor can slice through a variety of materials while ensuring smooth cuts along the way.
  • Users can make cuts ranging up to 45 degrees in both the direction courtesy the rotating mitre table.
  • Comes with strong right and left side handle bars for greater support.

  • Higher powered motor and 10-inch blade offers higher range to the users.

  • The accompanying laser guide makes your job easier.

  • The work area is kept clean by the dust collector bag which is shipped along with the mitre saw.

  • Can cut through plastic, laminates and hard wood with ease.

  • Not very effective in cutting tight angles.

3. Einhell TE-SM 36/210 Li

Best Sliding Mitre Saw Under £200 UK - 3

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Take your woodworking jobs to completely different levels with the Einhell TE-SM 36/210 cordless sliding mitre saw which packs in a variety of features. This battery powered mitre saw can deliver best results on being used in collaboration with a 2.5 Ah plus rechargeable battery which has to be purchased separately.

Cutting Capacity

The crosscut and mitre saw by Einhell comes equipped with smooth draw function which can help you deal with wider workpieces smoothly. You can single-handedly adjust the X-Tend workpiece supports. A fine cut is delivered time and again by its premium-grade carbide-tipped precision saw blade which has been specially designed to enhance the versatility of cordless saws.


You can expect precision cuts out of the Einhell TE-SM 36/210 mitre saw which is accompanied with a LED light and cutting line laser. The workplace and surrounding air can be kept clean by attaching an extractor to the adapter or hooking up the sawdust bag. Making angular cuts becomes easy with the precise angle adjustment of the turntable.


When it comes to dealing with wood, the cordless Einhell TE-SM 36/210 can surely excel your expectations. Be it cross-cutting, making milter cuts or cutting parquet to length, you can exercise high level of efficiency with this mitre saw. An unlimited radius of operation is guaranteed by its cordless build which can help you bid adieu to the constant interference caused by cables.


  • Using the 2.5 Ah plus rechargeable battery can deliver fantastic runtime.
  • An accompanying clamping device holds the workpiece securely into place.
  • Precise angle adjustment facility on the turntable paves the path for precise cuts.
  • Users can tilt the saw head up to 45 degrees in the left for making miter cuts.
  • Grooves and thin body of the precision saw blade can guarantee a fine cut irrespective of the type of material you are using it on.
  • Cordless build makes it a highly flexible mitre saw for being used at your workplace.

  • Smooth draw function makes it perfect for wider workpieces.

  • You can adjust the X-Tend workpiece singlehandedly without any separate tools.

  • Quick and accurate cuts are ensured by the LED light and cutting line laser.

  • Keeping the workplace clean becomes possible with the accompanying adapter for an extractor and the sawdust bag.

  • Cannot guarantee constant power supply like its corded peers.

4. Einhell Sliding Mitre Saw TE-SM

Best Sliding Mitre Saw Under £200 UK - 4

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DIY enthusiasts can easily take up cutting and crosscutting jobs at their home, garage or work-shed with the Einhell TE-SM 216 Dual drag mitre saw which can easily slice through tough material with its Ø 216 external x ø 30 internal saw blade.

Cutting Capacity

1800 W rating offers ample power to the users for working with different kinds of material. The cutting capacity gets further enhanced by its premium carbide saw blade whose smooth drag function helps in working with wide workpieces. Superior quality bearings used in the saw joint head mechanism and drag function can ease out the work to a great extent.


Common locking angles can be adjusted easily on the turntable with its quick-adjust facility. Users can easily read the width and angle scales while the integrated cutting line laser brings in greater efficiency to the work done. You can tilt the saw head to the left for undertaking mitre cuts. There is also adequate provision on the left and right of the mitre saw to support clamping devices and locks required for hooking up longer workpieces.


Changing the saw blade becomes easier with the spindle lock and saw blade screw that can be accessed easily. A dust funnel positioned behind the saw table helps in effective removal of sawdust. You can either opt for this extractor connector having a diameter of 36 mm or store all the debris in the accompanying dust bag.


  • A perfect cut is guaranteed by this premium grade saw blade time and again.
  • Precise angle adjustment facility of the turntable allows locking the positions at most common angles.
  • Scales are extremely easy to read.
  • Mitre cuts can be undertaken by tilting the saw heads to left.
  • Smooth drag function helps in dealing with wide workpieces.
  • Locking positions on the turntable allow easy and reliable angle adjustments.

  • You can get angular cuts by banking on its precise angle adjustment facility.

  • An easily accessible saw blade screw and spindle lock makes it easy to change the saw blade.

  • The accompanying dust bag helps to keep the work area tidy.

  • 800 W power rating allows the blade to cut through a variety of materials.

  • Several users have complained about missing accessories and parts.

5. Evolution Power Tools RAGE3-S300

Best Sliding Mitre Saw Under £200 UK - 5

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The compound saw by Evolution Power Tools delivers cleaner, faster and more precise cuts through steel, wood etc. It comes with an in-line handle which can be used for ambidextrous purposes while the precise laser system brings in more accuracy to the work done.

Cutting Capacity

You can cut through aluminium, steel, plastic and wood by banking on its professional RAGE technology. A 300 mm slide renders greater cutting capacity to this portable mitre saw so that you can make longer angled cuts. The level of motor stress gets drastically reduced by its hi-torque gearbox which can definitely outperform regular saws. An instantly workable finish is guaranteed while cutting steel without the production of any heat or sparks.


If you are skirting or decking boards, then the RAGE3-S300 Multi-Purpose Sliding Mitre Saw can serve you well by easing out even the most complex cuts. Evolution has already earned a solid foothold as the flagbearer of multi-purpose cutting technology and you can expect same level of efficiency from its RAGE3-S300 model. These carbide-tipped blades are crafted in Japan from heavy-duty steel and can guarantee optimum performance along the way.


The mitre saw stand which accompanies the mitre saw can be both set up and stored away easily with its foldable legs. It can support workpieces having a length of 3 meters while bearing maximum 150 kg of load. The mitre saw is shipped along with side extensions, a top clamp, repeat stop, dust collection bags, side extension hex key and a blade change.


  • Evolution blades do not produce any spark or heat while rendering an instantly workable finish.
  • Users don’t have to wait for long as the material cut cools down quickly.
  • Can cut through concrete, natural stones, unglazed ceramics and paving slabs.
  • Does not create excessive fumes, dust, fire or smoke like the abrasive blades for a safer work environment.
  • Accompanied with an instruction manual which lists out all the nitty-gritties of using this mitre saw.
  • The stand can sustain maximum work load of 150 kg.

  • Foldable legs of the Mitre Saw stand help with hassle-free storage.

  • Ideal for undertaking tasks like furniture making, crown moulding, joining long wood pieces together etc.

  • A 300 mm slide allows this portable mitre saw to make longer angled cuts.

  • Patented RAGE technology allows cutting steel, aluminium, wood and plastic in a hassle-free manner.

  • Does not offer enough room for additional tools.

Final Words

Mitre saw is an extremely versatile tool and this versatility is accompanied with a high sense of care. This makes security an important factor to consider while using the same. Primarily you need to make sure that you are dressed in appropriate clothing like face masks, protection glasses and ear defenders. Next you need to prepare the work environment and once everything has been done you will have to initiate work. For doing this you need to guarantee that the piece remains attached firmly to the fence and this can be done by securing it with your hands. The mitre bevel angles shall have to be set as per your specific set of requirements before clasping it together firmly. Some time needs to be given for the blades to attain full speed after turning on the saw. Now you will have to drive into the wood unless it cuts at your desired angles. It also becomes imperative to attach a dust bag with the mitre saw for keeping your work environment neat and tidy.

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