Best Sliding Mitre Saw Under £300 UK

Mitre saw is a versatile power tool which can deliver accurate angled cuts in plastic, wood and metal. Whether you are working with furniture pieces, door frames or skirting boards, the sliding mitre saws can cater to your DIY and professional requirements seamlessly making them an important part of a workshop. Today we are going to review some of the best sliding mitre saws which can become a part of your arsenal by shelling just £300. But first let’s take a look at the buying guide of these bad boys so that you can benefit fully out of the purchase.

Buying Guide of Mitre Saw

While mitre saws have been accredited with delivering perfectly angled cuts, you cannot expect the same level of preciseness from every model. To keep things on the safer side, it is advised to follow this buying guide:

  • Primarily, you need to decide amongst the corded and cordless varieties of sliding mitre saw. Cordless varieties are easier to move around but price intensive as it includes the cost of battery and charger. Individuals who do not wish to deal with the issue of power shortage can opt for the corded miter saws which are more durable and less expensive than the former.
  • Power of the mitre saw is another important consideration and a direct relationship exists between its blade and power. Mitre saws equipped with premium quality blade have high power requirements than the ones with subpar blades. The mitre saw’s cutting capacity is also determined to a great extent by the material combination of the saw and the blade. The corded varieties have about 10 inches blade and operate at a cutting capacity of 15 amps.
  • While purchasing a mitre saw, it becomes imperative to consider its safety parameter and this is where a safety lever lock can come to your rescue. Just as the name suggests, this feature keeps the mitre saw firmly locked when in idle state so that it doesn’t start on being tampered by third parties or kids.
  • More precise bevel cuts can be attained with a mitre saw equipped with a laser guide which also guarantees an excellent finish. While the mitre saws with laser guide come with a higher price tag, they also bring along greater level of functionality.
  • Last but not the least, you need to look out for an electric brake in the mitre saws so that the device can be paused whenever required. This is an extremely important feature and assists in controlling the blade speed especially when undertaking straight or bevel cut.

1. Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+ Compound Saw

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Users who have a voracious demand for the best-in-class power saw can find their pick in this multi-material cutting beast by Evolution Power Tools. This high-performance sliding compound miter saw can deliver all the required speed to its blade by operating at a watt motor speed.  An angle depth adjuster delivers accurate cuts time and again without blowing up your budget.


A 2000-watt motor powers this mitre saw to the core for guaranteeing a speed of 4500 RPM while using the 10 inches blade with 28 teeth. You can easily bank on this Evolution Power Tools model to make bevel cuts of 300 x 30mm to the right and left.


A Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade allows cutting through aluminium, steel plastic and wood with embedded nail in a seamless manner. Loosening the bevel handle can help you attain up to a 45° finish on the workpiece. You can even seek the assistance of the bevel scale for getting the exact angled tilt as per requirement. A mitre cutting capability of 50° guarantees an instant workable finish while you get to adjust the cutting depth between 0-65mm making it well suited for trench cuts.


The R255SMS+ has an extended neck and fence which adds to its cutting capacity while allowing to work on bigger workpieces. Quick clamping adjustments can be made by its quick release clamp which also helps in securing the workpiece. While working with wood, you can catch the debris and keep your work area clean by attaching the dust bag to the rear dust port.


  • Can cut through aluminium, steel, plastic and wood with embedded nails.
  • Comes backed by a limited warranty of 3 years for your complete peace of mind.
  • Does not generate any spark or heat with its operation.
  • Smoother cuts are guaranteed by its premium TCT blade.
  • Dual quick release clamps pave the path for faster adjustments and additional accuracy.
  • An accompanying dust collection bag helps in keeping the work area clean.

  • Slide rail protector prevents dust ingress.

  • The 3m power cable shipped along with the mitre saw makes it redundant to opt for extension leads.

  • Integrated carry handles help with its easy portability around the work area.

  • Cut depth can be toggled between 0-65mm by adjusting the depth stop positioned on the saw’s neck.

  • Laser line does not function as per expectations.

2. TACKLIFE 230mm Sliding Miter Saw PMS01X

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If you are on a lookout for a value for money tool, then the TACKLIFE PMS01X can serve as your ideal companion. This is perfect for people working on a limited budget as it packs in the best of performance and versatility which is well-suited for DIY jobs.


A 1500-watt powerful motor deliver 4500 RPM which can guarantee professional cuts and top-notch durability on being paired with a 210mm blade.


Cutting through soft metal, wood and plastic becomes easy with its premium grade 24 tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade. You can easily make bevel cuts ranging up to 45 degrees in both direction by simply rotating the mitre table which brings greater flexibility to the operation. The cutting depth of this tool can also be adjusted for undertaking tasks like trenching and grooving with greater ease.


A dust bag is shipped along with this sliding mitre saw which can be connected easily with a vacuum cleaner for keeping your work space clean. You also get a carbon brush, extension rods, 24 tooth TCT blade and Allen wrenches with each purchase. Precise and accurate cuts are guaranteed by its built-in laser guide.


  • A 24-tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade allows slicing through soft metal, wood and plastics with ease.
  • Accompanied with a dust bag which helps in keeping the work area clean.
  • Shipped with Allen wrenches which allow easy changing of the blades.
  • Powered by a 1500-watt motor which never fails to deliver professional cuts.
  • Built-in laser paves the path for accurate cuts time and again.
  • Users can secure the machine head at a lower position with the cam-lock and miter detent override.

  • A vice clamping system allows extending the table to benefit out of better material support.

  • Super lightweight mitre saw can be carried around and stored away easily when not in use.

  • Higher level of flexibility is guaranteed by its 45-degree bevel and angled mitre deck.

  • Cutting depth can be adjusted making it well suited for trenching and grooving.

  • User manual is not of much help.

3. Evolution Power Tools F210SMS Sliding Mitre Saw

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The Evolution Power Tools multi-material sliding mitre saw can offer you complete value for money in a compact form. Its 230 mm blade can easily cut through different materials like softwood skirting board, hardwood like ash and oak, MDF, architraves, aluminium carpet doorway strips, copper pipe, plastic pipe etc at a variety of cutting angles for offering you with greater versatility.


A powerful 1200-watt motor infuses power to this sliding mitre saw which joins hands with an optimised blade system and gearbox for cutting through 3mm of mild steel. This also adds to its longevity and keeps the mitre saw looking like new even after prolonged use.


You can bank on its Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade for cutting through aluminium, plastic, steel and wood with embedded nails. Both home users and DIY enthusiasts can benefit out of this sliding mitre saw which can help you undertake a variety of home improvement tasks.


Working with complete precision becomes possible with the Evolution Power Tools F210SMS Sliding Mitre Saw which is accompanied with a laser-guide for straight-line cutting. You can expect easy-to weld cuts with this mitre saw with virtually no sparks or burrs like the infamous abrasive cutting methods.


  • Crafted using premium grade materials which enhance its durability quotient even when subjected to heavy-duty usage.
  • Comes with a safety lock which prevents it from starting accidentally when not in use.
  • You can get the exact angled tilt up to a 45° finish by loosening the bevel handle and using the bevel scale.
  • Purchases made in UK comes backed by a 3 years warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  • You can get angled finish as per your requirement with a mitre cutting capability of 50°.
  • Cutting becomes easy and accurate courtesy the built-in laser.

  • Extremely easy to use making it well suited for novice users.

  • Accompanied with a multi-material blade which allows working on a variety of objects.

  • The dust bag helps in collecting all the sawdust so that your work area stays sparkling clean.

  • Great motor paves the path for accurate bevel cuts.

  • Not meant for professional work.

4. VonHaus Sliding Compound Mitre Saw 5000RPM

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Your search for a cheap yet functional mitre saw ends with the VonHaus model which can successfully power through a variety of materials for adding to your productivity. It is always best for woodworkers to create space for their comfort and having too many tools in the workshop can make it difficult to move around. Thus, it becomes imperative to have multi-functional equipment and this VonHaus sliding mitre saw can surely fill in all your requirements while sparing time and cost.


Mammoth power is generated by its 2000 watts motor which can easily make its way through laminates, hard wood and plastic.


A 255mm blade can guarantee versatile cuts up to a maximum depth of 70mm. You can adjust both the angle and height of the blade up to 45 degrees.


It becomes very easy to use this VonHaus sliding compound mitre saw which is accompanied with side support bars. This can easily sustain the weight of heavier workpieces while the laser guide guarantees accurate cuts time and again. The durable mitre saw is crafted using sturdy aluminium metal. A unique design of its carbide blades guarantees maximum protection to your hands while working. There is also a provision for safety lock which prevents it from coming on accidentally.


  • Reasonably priced mitre saw which can cater to the requirements of novice woodworkers.
  • A high-power motor opens up greater opportunities ahead of the users.
  • Comes with strong support handle bars at the left and right side.
  • A 10-inch blade can easily cut through laminates, plastic and hard wood.
  • Sliding mechanism and compound tilt offers greater ease of use.
  • Laser guide ensures accurate cuts time and again.

  • 2m cord guarantees unrestricted movement.

  • An accompanying dust collector helps in keeping the work area spotless.

  • A safety lever lock can offer you complete peace of mind when the mitre saw is not in use.

  • High quality aluminium blade makes it an extremely durable option.

  • Not meant for regular routine work or frequent thick cuts.

5. VonHaus Sliding Mitre Saw 1500W

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Take up different DIY projects with the VonHaus 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw whose 210mm blade and sturdy construction can serve as your perfect woodworking partner. A weight of 12.5 kg makes it adequately lightweight for being moved around the work area.


A powerful and versatile 1500-watt motor helps in making precision cuts through plastics, wood and laminates without revealing any signs of weakness.


Making bevel cuts up to 45° in both directions become possible with its rotating mitre table. While the accompanying wooden clamp brings in greater safety to its operation by keeping the sections steady during cutting, the dust bag keeps your work area neat and tidy. Even novice users can make accurate cuts aided by its built-in laser guidance system.


Strong side bars take weight off the wide work pieces while the 2m supply cord guarantees unrestricted movement. The mitre saw comes loaded with accessories like an Allan wrench, wood clamp, dual extension bars and dust bag. A 2 years warranty offered by the manufacturer can keep your back against all defects.


  • Unrestricted movement is guaranteed by its 2m supply cord.
  • Extra weight of larger workpieces is taken off by the side support bars.
  • Compound tilt and slide mechanism of the mitre saw serves as a practical solution to a variety of applications.
  • Precision cuts can be attained by adjusting the blade’s height and angle at 45° in either direction.
  • Sturdy steel and plastic construction add to the durability meter of this VonHaus mitre saw.
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years offered by the manufacturer.

  • Accompanying dust bag helps in capturing the debris arising out of work.

  • A wooden section keeps the sections steady while cutting.

  • Built-in laser guidance system guarantees precise cuts time and again.

  • Powered by a 1500-watt motor which can cut through laminates, hard wood and plastics.

  • Offers tilt adjustment in just one direction.


You need to exercise high level of care while using the mitre saw. Primarily, you need to get clothed properly and this includes face masks, protection glasses and ear defenders. Once the protection has been taken care of, you can prepare the work environment. The sliding mitre saws listed above comes with a dust bag which can help in keeping your work area clean. So, just take your pick amongst out list and get ready to benefit from the best blend of durability, versatility, performance and affordability under one roof.

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